B/R's Prep Basketball Player of the Week (Part 4): Brandon Knight

Ty'mon NormanCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

The last player of the week hailed from the state of Florida, and in this weeks installment we decided to stay an additional week, and discuss this weeks B/R Prep of the week: Brandon Knight. When I first had the opportunity to meet Mr. Knight; I had no idea who he was, but not to long into the tournament I would become one of Brandon's dedicated fans. He can drive past his defenders, and score with a variety of finishes. He has a nice mid-range game, and has several floaters and pull-ups in his arsenal. Knight also can score at the rim with both hands, and has good body flexibility. He also doesn't mind contact, either. He penetrates easily, and has great vision, enabling him to find open teammates. Knight is very quick with the ball and pushes the ball up the court at a high speed.

On top of all that, he is as genuine and humble as any athlete I have met in years. He obviously knows he is a great player, but understands what it takes to stay that way and to continue to grow. When I sat down for a interview with him last summer at the RBK Summer Championships in Las Vegas, NV; I was surprised at how mature he was in answering his questions, and at how polite he was. Most people tend to think that these kids feel that they are above everyone else, and in most cases you might be right, however when it comes to Mr. knight, that statement couldn't be more wrong.

You'd be hard pressed to find any player in the nation today that possess all the traits of the game:passing, dribbling, shooting, running the floor, playing without the ball, defense, and rebounding to say a few. Brandon brings all of these abilities to his Pine Crest High team, as well as his AAU select team:Team Breakdown (who he shares the back-court with Kenny Boynton Jr.of American Heritage High). So you know on the AAU circuit that teams were a little weary when checking the schedule, and seeing that they had to deal with the arguably the nations best back-court (high school that is).

*Knight appears to be on the right track to developing into a terrific basketball player. His experience and all-around skill-level still need plenty of work, but he’s a pretty impressive prospect considering his age. He would be wise to continue and develop his point guard skills, as he might be tempted to dominate high school games with his scoring against weaker competition over the next few years, but in the long run it’ll surely pay off for him to be a pass-first playmaker who can also score when needed.

* Paragraph reference: Draft Express

Check out some of Brandon's Youtube highlights:

PS: Only two more installments of B/R Prep Basketball Player of the Week before the Prep season begins, so stay tuned for next weeks piece.


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