WWE Extreme Rules: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio, Who Has Destiny's Edge?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMay 1, 2011

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio, a match that only happened due to Edge's sudden retirement from the wrestling business which occurred only because of a lifelong career of always putting his body on the line for the fans will now be rushed to happen tonight.

Christian vs. Del Rio was slowly being built up ever since Del Rio injured Christian late last year, but Edge's sudden farewell sped up the process. It will now be Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship where a first-time world champion is very likely to be crowned in the arena. 

On one hand, we have one of the most, if not THE most deserving superstar to have never been given a true chance to ever hold the "big one." He has never felt the feeling of "accomplishment" as he has only watched as a bystander while his lifelong friend, his buddy, Edge was able to receive that elusive title a total of 11 times. Eleven times!

Christian must have felt a bit of jealousy on some occasions, but it never fully progressed as he never received a shot to face his friend one on one and he is unlikely to do so now.

Christian never received his shot because of unwelcome obstacles. Either Vince McMahon didn't like him, injuries plagued him when he had a shot to be a main eventer or another contender was in front of him as he had to wait his turn.

He really wasn't thought of as a main eventer, but with his best friend's sudden leave and a lack of top faces to take over the SmackDown brand, Christian finally received a shot at the title that had eluded him for so long. Call it luck or faith, but whatever the case, Captain Charisma finally has a chance to become the superstar that he always wanted to be.

Christian can become the superstar tonight, but let's not easily forget who the person on the other side of the ring is. That man is the Essence of Excellence, Alberto Del Rio. One of the fastest rising stars in the last decade, all that is needed to fully make him a true star is that one big win.

To fully accomplish his destiny, he needs to win the World Heavyweight Championship and what better night than tonight when he is already the number one contender.

Alberto Del Rio has been riding a huge wave of momentum ever since he debuted, although it has been stalled for the meantime, it is possible for him to get back on track with a win here tonight.

Alberto Del Rio, with his lackeys, can really become the champion tonight as it is no disqualification, the only way to win is to grab the belt at the top of the ladder. But Christian has experience on his side, he's competed in ladder matches before and is one of the innovators of that match along with his lifelong friend, Edge. 

Christian's career started along with Edge and what better way to end Edge's career than by winning that elusive title which he could've only seen from afar while his friend and "brother" in a way held it more than once before.

Tonight, we will find out who really has destiny's edge on their side. We will find out who the next superstar to climb to the top of the company will be as ironically enough, the winner and new champion will have to climb to the top of the ladder to reach that goal of fulfilling their destiny.