UFC 129 Results: Jake Shields Will Now Haunt Georges St. Pierre Forever

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

It's been said plenty of times and everyone here seems to feel the same way: Georges St. Pierre can't finish a fight and would get destroyed by the likes of Anderson Silva.

All right, agreed 100 percent, but doesn't mean he can't try. That's not the point here though, point is that GSP's inability to finish Jake Shields will haunt him for the rest of his career.

GSP said yesterday "don't blink" during his fight. Well, if you were watching, you know you could've blinked rapidly for the entire fight and would have missed nothing.

Shields was rocked and hurt a few times, but GSP seemingly played it safe and instead of going for the kill stood back and hoped his opponent fell to the mat. To me personally, that's just not a good sign of what should be the second best fighter in the world.

GSP should have went for the kill with that right-hand bomb that was picking Shields apart.

Now, you look back on it though and wonder what GSP was thinking during that fight. It seemed after he hurt his eye that was all he could think about. Instead of thinking about the fight, he was thinking about his eye.

Someone ask Hominick if even realized a softball was growing on his head.

It's not a matter of did he win—yeah, GSP won. But in the eyes of the fans, he didn't win. He lost that fight miserably for not being able to finish it.

Now instead of getting the monkey off of his back, GSP has won his fourth straight fight by unanimous decision.

Something that shouldn't have happened considering GSP's striking was suppose to be light years ahead of Shields.

Either Shields did a really nice job last night or GSP was off his game. I'll go with the latter.

Here it is though, GSP's biggest nightmare. Shields will haunt GSP until he starts finishing fights, but after last night, who knows when that will be.