WWE Extreme Rules Results: Cole and the Top 10 Most Annoying WWE Personalities

Jon SainzAnalyst IIMay 3, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Results: Cole and the Top 10 Most Annoying WWE Personalities

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    The WWE has a lot of things and personalities that are fun to watch or listen to. 

    For the most part it's entertainment, but there are also some really annoying personalities in it.

    Here are the 10 most annoying personalities.                                                                                                                           

10) Your Pick

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    Since people are not going to agree with my picks, I'm giving this one to the readers.

    Consider the person that annoys you most (and is not anywhere else on this list) to be included in this slide.

9) LayCool

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    Since Michelle McCool is leaving this is over, but still.

    It started with the whole Piggie James deal, it wasn't that bad, but went on for far too long.

    Then it was the co-champions thing, which was annoying.

    And throughout it all the "Flawless" which was probably the worst part of it all.

    Thank god this is over.

8) Hornswoggle

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    I'm so glad this guy stayed in SmackDown.

    But can anybody tell me why a 4'4" 129 pound guy that can neither talk nor wrestle is still under contract in the WWE?

    I understood it when Finlay was around with the storyline about the illegitimate son.

    Hell, I even kind of understood it when he was DX's mascot.

    Now I have no clue at all.

7) Ricardo Rodriguez

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    I don't know what it is about this guy.

    Maybe it's because I understand what he says, but he annoys the hell out of me.

    Thankfully we only have to watch/listen to him for 30 seconds while ADR comes to the ring.

6) John Cena

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    OK, he's gotten to where he is by sheer hard work, nothing wrong with that.

    He's the face of the company, so he's in the Main Event, makes sense.

    But can't we have one or two PPVs with someone else in the title match?

    He's always either the Champion or the No. 1 Contender.

5) the Miz

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    Two catchphrases, both of them annoying.

    The "Really?" is good on Saturday Night Life's Weekend Update, not so much as a WWE catchphrase.

    The "Awesome" thing was OK at first, then it got really annoying. 

    I think the worst part is that every time he gets a mic he utters both.

4) Alberto Del Rio

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    He's annoying for various reasons:

    First he's JBL 2.0—and JBL was already annoying.

    He repeats what he says again and again and again.

    And finally, he only talks about one subject: Alberto del Rio.


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    At first it was OK.

    A GM that doesn't want to reveal his identity, nothing wrong with that.

    Then the emails started, and between the sound when one is received and the news they bring us, it's become annoying.

    It's also been way too long, give us a real GM already.

2) Michael Cole

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    At first we has just an announcer nobody cared about.

    Then he started reading the GM's emails, which started to make him annoying.

    Then he got cocky, which made him more annoying.

    Now he also wrestlers and for some reason wins, which makes him just unbearable. 

    And there is no way to get rid of him as he's in RAW, SmackDown, and PPVs.

1) Vickie Guerrero

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    The perfect annoying machine, the voice, the attitude, the "excuse me," she has everything.

    Just by showing up she gets a reaction and it's negative every single time.