Calling Out All Red Sox Fans

Andrew OtovicContributor IOctober 14, 2008

As an avid Red Sox fan and a disgruntled Fenway Park employee, I have one thing to say. I have never ever been more embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan than I was last night.

Starting at 2:30 pm when the gates opened the park to the fans last night, there was absolutely no energy from anyone. The fans seemed like they didn't want to be there, and could really care less about the game. The crowd last night had the "I'm a rich bastard who goes to a country club so I'm only here because I have the money to do so" attitude.

Working at "The Fens" for four years now, I can tell crowds, good or bad. I can sense excitement in the park, and more importantly I can tell what exactly goes on during the game without actually seeing the game because of volume level.

Last night, though, was a different story.

Last night was despicable. It was lousy, top to bottom. The team is home from a tough game two and what the Sox needed was a boost from the home crowd. What did the crowd do? Nothing.

There was no loud thunderous cheer when the lineups were announced. There was no ovation for Jon Lester as he was warming up. Even fan favorite and Red Sox icon David Ortiz's introduction was minimal.

It's time for Red Sox fans to wake up. This is not a regular season game against the Mariners or the Baltimore Orioles. This is the American League Championship Series and the Sox are three wins away from going back to the World Series.

They're playing against a division rival, and even after all those reasons to cheer, the crowd still made a funeral seem more exciting than Fenway Park last night.

I know Boston loves its Sox, I know Boston is stoked that the Sox are back in the ALCS for the fourth time in six years. However, they call it home field advantage for a reason. It looked like the fans at the game last night were at a tennis match, or even worse, in a library.

This is a baseball game.  This is where drunks can scream whatever they want. This is where you talk as loudly as you want, and you get yelled at if you don't.

This is not a Bruins hockey game. This is baseball and this is what defines New England.

The Sox got down early and nobody in the stands tried to pick up the local nine.

Every player and coach and baseball executive talks about how Boston is a special place to play and how much of a thrill it is to play in front of the best fans in baseball night after night.

Well, guess what, Boston? Step up the volume, step up the excitement, and actually be the best fans in baseball.

The way the Fenway crowd was last night, I would have said "I didn't know I worked at PNC Park."

If Boston doesn't step up the crowd level, you'll have six months before the local nine are back again.  And it can be a long and cold winter.