UFC 129 Results: Machida, Aldo, Hominick, and Garza Receive Record Bonuses

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

Just a few moments ago, the winners of Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night were announced.

In the past, the usual amount given to the winners was generally around the $60,000 mark.

But this time around, thanks to a $12 million gate, the UFC dished out a record-setting $129,000 to each of the winners Saturday night.

Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick, which was named Fight of the Night, each earned an extra $129,000 for their five-round war.

There were many people that thought this fight would never see the championship rounds. Despite the fact that his face was bleeding like a stuffed pig, had swelling and cuts around each of his eyes and had a lump the size of a baseball on the side of his head, Hominick showed the heart of a champion.

After losing the first four rounds, Hominick came out for the fifth round, but not before the doctor took a very close look at him. In that round, Hominick laid it all on the line.

With everything he had going against him, he still went out there and gave the reigning featherweight champion everything he could handle. Towards the midway point of the round, Aldo was reduced to just surviving.

This was very deserving of Fight of the Night.

Knockout of the Night was awarded to Lyoto Machida for his knockout victory over Randy Couture.

After Couture kept the fight fairly competitive in the first round, Lyoto Machida pulled a page out of Steven Seagal's book of tricks and nailed Couture in the chin with a jumping front kick that sent him crashing to the canvas.

Submission of the Night went to Pablo Garza for his submission victory over Yves Jabouin in the very first bout of the event.

After a bit of a stand up, Garza pulled off one of the most difficult submissions to perform—the flying triangle choke.

Jabouin, to his credit, did do everything he could to get out of the hold, but Garza was able to sink in the choke so deep that Garza had no choice but to tap out.

It's pretty clear that Garza deserved the Submission of the Night, and Aldo vs. Hominick deserved fight of the night. But there were four other knockouts on the card, including John Makdessi's spinning backfist knockout against Kyle Watson, that could have easily won those honors.

Considering how much Machida will make compared to the undercard fighters, one of them may have deserved it a little more.