UFC 129 Results: Georges St. Pierre's Streak Ends, Next Up Middleweight Division

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

It finally happened. A judge scored a round in favor of Georges St-Pierre's opponent. Jake Shields did the unthinkable and ended GSP's streak of winning 30 straight rounds.

GSP had come out with the intent of finishing Shields and had Shields visibly rocked and beaten early on, but ended the fight the usual way, with a unanimous decision victory.

Shields proved something to the crowd at Toronto tonight:

1) GSP can bleed

2) GSP can lose a round

3) Shields has better standup then we all thought

Put this streak into perspective. It's like Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak, but for the sport of MMA. It's nearly impossible to pull off a feat like GSP did.

Not only did the fight signal the end to GSP's miraculous streak, it could signal GSP's end as welterweight champion.

GSP has a lot of time to get used to walking around at 185 pounds. Yushin Okami is facing Anderson Silva in late August, so it gives GSP plenty of time to mull this decision over.

There quite possibly can't be anyone left for GSP to face at welterweight. Now that he's beaten Shields, there is no one left.

After failing to finish Shields and going on to win his fourth straight fight by decision, it's time to move up and challenge him.

The mega-fight between him and Anderson Silva is not the answer to start of GSP. A fight against a lower opponent is what GSP needs. He needs a fight to get acclimated first, to get his feet wet. A possible matchup against Alan Belcher could be in store.

Belcher is set to return in September which would give GSP plenty of time to recover and get ready for a jump up.

Whatever is in store for GSP next, the middleweight division is GSP's next move.