The Rock: Why He Will Lose the WWE Championship Next Year at WrestleMania

Craig GoldbergContributor IIIApril 30, 2011

This is a topic that I touched on briefly in an article I wrote for Bleacher Report a few weeks back.  I thought that I should further explain my reasoning for stating that The Rock must lose in front of his hometown of Miami next April. 

I like to look at next year’s WrestleMania Main Event as a one-shot or stand-alone moment in WWE history.  Similar to how a serialized comic book series will often release a one-off comic book featuring it’s biggest characters stepping out of their current arcs for a one-time story, the WWE will throw The Rock back into the mix with John Cena a few months before WrestleMania XXVIII.

The thing that WWE fans have to remember, even though it will drive them absolutely crazy, as that no matter what happens to John Cena between now and January, no matter who he feuds with or who he fights, come WrestleMania he is putting that aside and taking on The Rock.  I feel like this actually gives The WWE a ton of freedom to do what they please with Cena between now and then. 

The only guarantee that we have is that Cena promised the WWE Universe that next year’s Wrestlemania main event will be for The WWE Championship.  That is a promise that will be kept, but not my Cena.

Cena will most likely have a few championship bouts over the next few months, and I would not at all be surprised to see Cena come away with a title reign this fall.  But here is the one thing that I will predict and I will be whole-heartedly sticking to this prediction; come next year’s Royal Rumble, we will see a vacant WWE title.

I do not know how it will happen, but it will happen.

This will set up the three most exciting months in WWE history.  With a vacant WWE title they can announce in early January that the winner of The Royal Rumble will become WWE champion. 

They did this once before in 1992 when Ric Flair won the WWE Title entering the match third and going the distance from there.  I think that having the title up for grabs makes the Royal Rumble even more fantastic than it already is.

This is where The Rock comes in to play.  We will most likely only see The Rock a handful of times over the next six months, and I’d almost bet that we do not see or hear from him between SummerSlam and The Royal Rumble. 

The Rock will be the perfect surprise entrant late in the Rumble match, and if he’s in the match, he is not going over the top rope. 

By putting the belt on The Rock, the WWE will gain a ton of main stream press and be in high-gear going towards WrestleMania.

Having The Rock with the belt on RAW the following night would be priceless, and having The Peoples Champ declare that Cena couldn’t keep his promise to the people, and that the millions and millions of The Rocks fans deserve a WWE championship match at WrestleMania, would most likely send the WWE universe into a frenzy.

Follow this up with a few months of back and forth craziness between The Rock and Cena, and then have The Rock drop the title fair and square to Cena. 


Because we are living in a pipe-dream if we think that The Rock is sticking around past Wrestlemania next year.  He might make occasional appearances but as far as a full-time schedule is concerned, it is not happening.  One thing that Dwayne Johnson has stated over and over again is that he is passionate about the wrestling business. 

And part of this business is to put over other stars.  And even though The Rock will be in front of his home-town crowd, he realizes that John Cena will be carrying the WWE on his back for at least the next decade.  He also realizes that it is his duty to take the three-count from Cena.