Holy Toledo! The Big House Loses its Reverence.

c dockensCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

After an embarrassing 25 point loss to the Illini at home, many Michigan fans wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear, others were hoping this season was just a dream, and other wanted nothing more than an inferior team, at home to "whip up on" and restore moral. Wolverine faithful searched their schedules feverishly, and the game they found was the following weeks home match-up against a 1-4 Toledo.

Many Michigan fans thought this was going to be embarrassing, and an ugly game for  "poor" Toledo. They couldn't have been further from the truth, it was an ugly and embarrassing game, but it sure wan't ugly or embarrassing for Toledo.

The 13-10 home loss to Toledo, is Michigan's 3rd home loss this season. Michigan is 2-3 at home, and two of those loses are to teams that before this year would have been weak in the knees at the mere thought of playing at the Big House. However that no longer seems to be the case.

Once, opponents feared the Big House. Playing at a historic place, filled with 107,000 screaming blue and maize clad fans caused countless miscues, and turn overs for opposing teams. This year it is Michigan who looks afraid to play in the Big House, it is Michigan who continuously turns the ball over, (13 times at home) , this year it has been Michigan who struggles to find the end-zone (averaging, just 16.6 points at home).

To be fair, both Michigan's wins came at home, a pitiful 16-6 win over Miami Ohio, and a 27-25 thriller over Wisconsin which has been the lone bright spot this year. In those two wins, Michigan has accumulated just 549 yards, or about 275 yards per game and that is with the fans support. If this is how the Wolverines play at home, how can they be expected to win on the road.

Opponents in the Big House have faired quite nicely, only turning the ball over a combined nine times. They have averaged 361 yards per game, and 22 points per game. To some of the teams lucky enough to face Michigan in Ann Arbor, it is like another home game, to other, like Toledo, it is better than a home game, as they haven't yet won at home.

Their is still a tough row to how for the Wolverines, as they have three ranked opponents left on their schedule. Providing that the Wolverines continue to play with as little intensity as they have, they can go on and hang it up now the season is over in Ann Arbor, and no one, not a single solitary soul, is afraid of the Big House.