Manny Pacquiao: Where Does He Stand Among the All-Time Greats?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIApril 30, 2011

Is he the greatest ever?
Is he the greatest ever?Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If you're a boxing fan the last month has been a great one. Close bouts, big upsets and more.

It's also shown us just how great Manny Pacquiao really is. 

How, you ask? Let me explain.

The first fight that demonstrated Manny's greatness was the Erik Morales-Marcos Maidana fight. 

I'll be the first to admit I thought this wouldn't be very good. Morales was destroyed by Manny in their last two fights three and four years ago and now he was fighting a top contender two weight divisions above his best fighting weight. 

Granted Maidana has major flaws. I love the kid's determination and heart but he isn't a skilled fighter. 

Heck, he makes Ricardo Mayorga look like Gentleman Jim Corbett.

But I still figured he would catch Morales at some point and knock him silly.

How wrong was I. Morales came in the ring and proceeded to reminded all of us that he's truly one of the all-time greats. 

The fact is, had his eye not swelled up in the first round he would have one the fight. Fighting with one shut most of the bout he almost pulled it out.

And Manny destroyed Morales twice in his prime.

The next week even more evidence came out.

That's when Victor Ortiz won going away against highly promoted Andre Berto.

I would love to go all HBO and Golden Boy on you and rave about Victor Ortiz. Unfortunately I've seen him fight a few times.

Exciting he can be, good he is not.

The same Marcos Maidana who couldn't take out an aging Erik Morales, almost retired Golden Boy's newest golden boy two years ago when he knocked him silly in the sixth round.

If that wasn't proof enough Ortiz looked dreadful in an undeserved draw with LaMont Peterson six months ago. 

None of these guys would last six rounds with Manny unless they got on their bicycle. Not Maidana, not Ortiz, not Berto nor Peterson.

And they're considered some of the best in the Welterweight and Light Welter divisions.

Fact is Manny really doesn't have anyone to fight anyone to fight in any of the divisions he should be fighting in. 

And please don't start with me about Tim Bradley and Amir Khan. Bradley's a stiff who's best punch is his head, and Khan struggled with Maidana. 

Manny's also  cleaned out a Welterweight division that is is actually above his weight class.I say that because most Welters cut weight before the weigh in and then show up in the ring between 150 and 160.

Manny walks around at 144 to 145. Doesn't have to cut weight. And weighs the same when he enters the ring.

Which is why he now has guys two divisions up calling him out. 

The fact is, if all Pacquaio had ever done was go 6-1-1 against the Hall of fame trio of Morales, Barrera and Marquez at those fighters optimal weights he would have been a top twenty five fighter. 

Moving up puts him in the top ten, maybe the top five.

And if he ever gets in with Floyd Mayweather it may be to decided if he's the best of all time.