RAW Recap 10/13/08 or Pick Your Poison Edition

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

RAW finishes up another episode and we're moving along toward Cyber Sunday.  It's time to find out if the choices they're making will make you want to buy to pay per view.

We open up with talking, like always.  In this weeks edition of talking, we get Chris Jericho telling Adamle that he should treat him better and had no right interfering in the match last week.  Adamle informs Jericho that he is in charge and that he is making a pick your poison match with Jericho and Batista.

Jericho gets to the ring and demands that Shane and Stephanie McMahon cancel his match at Cyber Sunday.  He says that it's designed for him to lose because of the 3 choices for special referees.

Shawn Michales comes out and says he hopes that he gets picked as the referee and attacks Jericho.  Jericho than announces that Shawn will be fighting Batista later in the evening.

The first match of the night sees Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy versus Mark Henry and Kane.  This is a return match from last week and it felt like they just needed to fill the time.

The match was okay by normal standards.  Nothing that stuck out as special but nothing that made the match bad.  All four men worked well together and had a decent pace to the match.

The end sees Rey jumping off the top rope and gets caught by Kane with a boot.  Kane tries attacking Rey after the match but Rey gets the upper hand and takes him out.

This story is just old now.  These two need to move on to other feuds.  Creative already blew the end of the feud by having Rey put his mask on the line in a random match that didn't mean anything.  The only way to top that is a Loser Leaves RAW match.

We get a quick backstage segment with Batista saying that he will beat Shawn later.

JBL comes out and cuts a promo about how he is rich and the government bail out helped him keep his money.  Eventually Charlie Haas, dressed as Hulk Hogan, comes out for a match.

The fans didn't seem to be behind Haas with this gimmick.  It might have been the fact that Hogan's music played and someone else came out.

The match was too quick to really showcase either man.  Haas goes for the Leg Drop but JBL moves out of the way and hits the Clothesline From Hell for the win.

They run a John Cena Returns promo.  This is the way that a return should be handled.  With video vignettes every week that help hype the return.  It's strange that Randy Orton comes out right after because it's his return that doesn't make any sense.

Orton has been coming out every week now not adding anything to the show except burying Priceless.  Orton then talks about how he doesn't want to be the special referee for Cyber Sunday and that no one should vote for him.

I don't understand the logic behind this.  Why would creative put Orton as one of the picks if the story is going to be him not wanting to be picked?  It's not like he could attack someone in the match, so it's kind of pointless to have him as an option.

Batista versus Shawn Michales is next.  Before the match starts, Jericho announces that the match is now a Lumber Jack match.  All the heels from RAW and ECW come out and circle the ring.

It was interesting to see that when Shawn feel out of the ring the first time, the only heel to go after him was Deuce.  Shawn successfully took him out quick before getting back in the ring.  This didn't make any sense and it came off as creative deliberately going out of their way to bury Deuce.

The match itself was slow and quite uninteresting.  These two don't have very good chemistry with each other.  The end sees Batista going for the Batista Bomb and and falling out of the ring with Shawn.  The heels end up attacking the two which prompts a no contest.

After Batista and Shawn clear the ring, the two shake hands.  It's strange to see them pushing the story of the special referee when it's obvious that the fans are going to pick Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I understand that they need to promote the match but at the same time, when the winner is this obvious, why waste valuable screen time with this?

Up next is Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix in the ring.  Santino does his typical Honk-A-Meter and says that he will beat anyone that the audience chooses as his opponent.  He than calls out Johnny Knoxville and asks him why he's messing with The Great Khali.

This leads to a whole string of weird events.  First, after Knoxville makes fun of Beth, she body slams him.  Which Knoxville let go of his support too soon and slipped off early.  The move looked bad.  Than, for whatever reason, Hornswoggle came out and hit a Tadpole splash.

This makes Chris Pontius come into the ring and makes Big Dick Johnson come out.  The two have a naked man dance off before the Boogeyman makes his return and takes out Pontius.  Knoxville says that what just happened wasn't so bad.  Khali comes out and applies the Vice Grip and hits the Khali Bomb.

This entire thing took way too long.  I can understand that it was a cross promotion with the new Jackass website but this was too much.

The Miz, John Morrison, and Jillian Hall versus Cryme Tyme and Kelly Kelly is next.  Nothing too interesting about the match.  Kelly is still improving but she almost botched a spring board counter which would have had her fall awkwardly to the outside.  Thankfully, she landed it.

The match ends with JTG hitting Morrison with a Mighty Ducks hockey mask and Shad getting the pin.  This end worked for me as it will continue the story line and didn't really make Morrison loose much credibility.  It does suck that this tag team feud isn't over the tag team title and the tag titles are not involved in a story right now.

The main event sees Chris Jericho versus C.M. Punk.  Before the match starts, Batista announces that he will be the special referee for the match.

Batista pulled all the same stunts that Jericho pulled last week but now he has full fan approval.  C.M. Punk is still over with the fans as they were really hot for this match and booed Batista for hitting the Batista bomb on Jericho.  It seems that people wanted to see Punk win the match on his own.

It was good to see that after the Bomb, Punk shrugs his shoulders as if to say "a win is a win".  This really helped him out and didn't make him loose any credibility.  The match as pretty good, but i wouldn't have expected anything less from these two.

Overall, a very weak show.  Nothing important happened and they neglected the most fleshed out feud they have; William Regal/Jamie Noble.  They really need to knock it out of the park next week if they want people to buy Cyber Sunday.  My Rating: C-