Alabama Kool-Aid Drinkers: Buy the Handy Five Gallon Container

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IOctober 13, 2008

Alabama has been down.  Not down to Notre Dame lows, but down longer.  For fans accustomed to contending for at least an SEC championship each year, the last appearance in that game seems a lifetime away.

They've suffered the worst kind of down times.  They've been teased with some success.  Dubose won an SEC Championship, Fran seemed to be righting the ship, and Shula led them to a 10-win season,then just like his predecessors, he left the team adrift in the sea of mediocrity with more questions than answers. Then there's that six-game streak with the "that school down the road."

Now with Nick Saban, the best hired gun in college football in charge, an offensive line that finally isn't offensive to the fans, a stable of running backs capable of running it down the field, and a surprising bevy of receivers, they are putting points on the board.  A question mark defense has solidly put an exclamation mark on almost every game this year.

It doesn't hurt that this Tide simply comes out and crushes teams right out of the gate and leaves them playing catch-up in the second half.  It finally sounds right to hear everyone in the media talking BCS contenders and Alabama again.

So go ahead and start making the Kool-Aid!  Drink up people!  It's not like the last couple of times you heard "Bama's Back!" only to have your hopes dashed again.  This time's different.  Bama didn't have Nick Saban then.

And let's face it, nobody else in the SEC is undefeated like you.  You've crushed two top 10 preseason picks, and one of them was the team that was picked not only to be the best team in the SEC, but the whole nation, and you utterly embarrassed them in their house on national TV.

Who else in the SEC could dare challenge you?  Who would even try?

Start mixing that Kool-Aid.  Did I tell you they sell the handy five gallon containers in Tuscaloosa now?  Let's all have a glass and toast our good fortune.  Nothing bad can happen now.

Really, who has Ole Miss beaten, well, except of course number five Florida?  LSU is not a top five team anymore, why they're only in the top 15 now.  And certainly you couldn't lose to Sylvester Croom for a third year in a row, or that pitiful Auburn team that's beat us the last six years.

Bama fans, drink up!  This is your year.  With Saban recruiting the way he is, this is just the start of a new dynasty in college football.  Let's party!

Or would you rather listen to that killjoy of a coach that is warning the team to take each opponent as the most dangerous and that nothing is truly finished until the final whistle of the last game?

Nah!  Hand me another glass of that Crimson Kool-Aid!