What Every SEC Fan Needs to Know: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly—Part Two

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst IOctober 13, 2008

Last week we looked at each team in the SEC West. We discussed the fact that as a fan, sometimes we just cannot see everything about our own team.


We need a “neutral” party to point out what is good, bad, and even ugly about the teams we love.


As I stated last week, I am not here to offend. I am only trying to help.




Because we all know that the SEC is the greatest conference in the land. The fans are passionate, and yes, sometimes a little biased.


On that we can all agree.


Because this is the East we are looking at this week, I will have to include Georgia in my “unbiased” analysis.


If you doubt that I can separate myself from that loyalty, then you must not have watched the first half of the Georgia vs. Alabama game. Ugly will not be hard to find.


But enough recap, and full disclosure...you know why we are here.


So let’s get on with it...




Part Two: The SEC East


Florida (5-1, 3-1)


The Good: The LSU Game


Florida simply destroyed LSU. Tebow, Harvin, and company looked like a National Championship contender this past Saturday at the Swamp. If this team shows up week after week, Florida will be tough to stop.




The Bad: Tim Tebow when he cries


It’s time it was said. Tebow needs stop the crying after a loss. I understand that he wants to win. I understand that he is a competitor. But Superman does not cry. For me this is just further proof that Knowshon Moreno is really Superman.




The Ugly: Part One—The Ole Miss game


Losing to an unranked Ole Miss team at home is enough to make you...well, it’s enough to make you cry (see above).




The Ugly: Part TwoThe Urban Meyer scowl


Is it just me or has Urban developed a Steve Spurrier scowl? It’s a game, Urban. Lighten up.




Vanderbilt (5-1, 3-1)


The Good: Starting 5-0


Wins over South Carolina, and Auburn highlighted a 5-0 start that had Vandy fans dancing in Nashville. Rumor has it that Bobby Johnson could run for Mayor.




The Bad: Vanderbilt Defense


The Commodores defense ranks near the bottom of the SEC. Georgia will challenge the Vandy D this weekend. If they are to continue their improbable run, they must get better...fast.




The Ugly: Loss to Mississippi State


You would never think that the phrase “Vandy looking ahead” would be used in a football sentence.  But it could be that Vandy was looking ahead to its date with the other Bulldogs this week. The loss to Mississippi State was unfortunate for the Nashville faithful.




Georgia (5-1, 2-1)


The Good: Stafford and Moreno


Georgia has been led this year by Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Both are having great seasons and are at or near the top of most offensive categories in the SEC. UGA’s continued success depends on those great seasons continuing.




The Bad: The Pass Defense


Blame it on the lack of a pass rush from the front four. Blame it on bad decisions by the defensive backs. This unit has not lived up to potential. The rush defense has been solid for the most part. The pass defense has got to improve.




The Ugly: The Alabama game


No shocker here! Georgia played as badly as they could have in the first half of the Bama game. Georgia appeared to be completely out-manned. Give Bama credit, they came to play and put the Dawgs down. I hope I never see that UGA team again.



South Carolina (5-2, 2-2)


The Good: The Kentucky game


The Gamecocks, to their credit, continue to hang around. They finally put a decent game together as they toppled Kentucky. If the Ball Coach can get decent QB play the rest of the year, they may surprise a few more teams.




The Bad: The QB play


To say that the QB play has been kind of “Smelley” would be an understatement.  Carolina QBs are throwing interceptions at a rate of almost two per game. Spurrier will destroy his visor collection before the year is over at this rate.




The Ugly: Losses to Vanderbilt and Georgia


Back to back losses to the ‘Dores and the Dawgs is not how Coach Steve wanted to start the year. Both games were close. The Gamecocks could have won either. They didn’t.




Kentucky (4-2, 0-2)


The Good: The Defense


The Kentucky Defense has been solid.  Holding Alabama to 17 points is pretty impressive. The Tide may have had a letdown after their big win at Georgia, but the ‘Cats could have easily stolen one here.




The Bad: Started 4-1


A 4-1 start? Sounds good, right? The Wildcats beat Louisville, Norfolk State, Middle Tennessee, and Western Kentucky to start the season. Not a very good warm-up for an SEC schedule.




The Ugly:  The South Carolina game


Not a good effort by the Wildcats. This was a game they thought they would win. In the SEC East you don’t normally lose your first two SEC games and recover.




Tennessee (2-4, 0-3)


The Good: They had UAB and Northern Illinois on the schedule


How badly have things fallen apart for the Volunteers? If not for these two less than powerful opponents, the Vols could be winless. Northern Illinois even fought them tooth and nail to the finish.




The Bad: Where is the offense?


David Cutcliffe is gone. So is the offense. Things are so bad that Phillip Fulmer has to tell the media he has no plans to quit. Crompton is not the next Erik Ainge. The Vols managed only one yard rushing against the Dawgs last weekend.




The Ugly: The Florida Game


Florida jumped on the Vols before the UT Band could settle in and play "Rocky Top." Smokey asked to leave early. Phillip Fulmer spent game week answering questions about his Vols quitting last season. Not the way to bounce back, boys! The only bowl the Vols may see this year is the “Toilet Bowl.”




So that does it for the East.


I hope that I have been able to shed some light on your team. 


Even help clarify your team’s strengths and weaknesses.


And yes, show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


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