WWE Extreme Rules: 10 Things to Know About the Christian-Alberto Del Rio Match

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IMay 1, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules: 10 Things to Know About the Christian-Alberto Del Rio Match

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    Hello, B/R members, Buzz is back.

    The first pay-per-view following Wrestlemania 27, Extreme Rules, is few hours away and many fans are looking forward to this event to see how things will go after the biggest event of the year.

    The card looks good until now even though most matches seem to be Wrestlemania rematches with different stipulations.

    One of the matches I'm looking forward to in this card is the Ladder Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. This match will feature Alberto Del Rio vs Christian.

    Many things can be said about this match, but one thing is a guaranteed and that is a historical moment.

    As I watched Smackdown, I had many thoughts about this upcoming match, and I decided to share those thoughts with B/R members here.

    In the next slides, we'll take a look at few thing to know about this contest tonight.

    Of course, most things don't need a genius to think about them and you already know that (no pun intended). But I'd like to discuss each point in detail.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

1. Both Superstars Have Never Won a WWE World Title Before

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    Tonight, a new World Champion will be crowned for the first time ever in his career. So that will definitely be a historical and rare moment in WWE history.

    I don't remember seeing two non-former World Champions fighting for their first title ever since Survivor Series 1998 when Rock and Mankind faced each others for the vacant WWE Title. During that time, Rock won the match.

    However, he lost it to Mankind few weeks later, and both superstars exchanged the title on several occasions before Stone Cold won it at Wrestlemania 15 after beating Rock.

    OK, this is not a history lesson, so I'll stop here. This time, there won't be rematches unless WWE tried to shove the whole rivalry down our throats. Each superstar will be heading in a different direction after the match.

    What I'm trying to say is the idea that we're going to watch a superstar win his first ever WWE World Title should make the match more exciting and interesting. Furthermore, I guess it's fair to say that both superstars are deserving (regardless of who deserves it more).

    On one hand, you have one of the fastest rising superstars, Alberto Del Rio. And on the other hand, you have Christian who's obviously the most deserving superstar to never win a World Title in WWE.

    I'm one of the people who thinks that this match might look predictable due to several reasons, but still, things can go in different directions, and I'll further elaborate my thoughts in the next slides.

2. Alberto Del Rio Was Drafted to RAW

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    OK, I know that you already know that but it's an interesting situation here.

    A few days ago, Alberto Del Rio was drafted to Monday Night RAW and became part of the A Show. Many people claimed his move made the match predictable. They believe that Christian will now win and keep the title on Smackdown.

    A minority only still think that Christian might not win because of Vince McMahon's lack of faith in him.

    For me, even though WWE tend to make many things predictable at certain moments, but I still won't believe that Christian will win until I see it. Until then, I won't set my hopes high.

    As for Del Rio, going to RAW is definitely a big move for him. I know that he already made many appearances there, but most of them were done to promote his feuds on Smackdown. With the move to the red show now, Del Rio may have some new feuds.

    Who knows? Maybe WWE will give him the belt where he can start a new run with it on Monday Nights. I know that this might not happen due to a major issue concerning the World Championships' situations, and I'll discuss this in the next slide.

3. If Alberto Del Rio Wins, Smackdwon Will Be Without World Titles

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    Besides the World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, Extreme Rules will feature another World Title match as the WWE Champion, the Miz, will defend his title against John Cena and John Morrison in a steel cage triple threat match.

    Whatever happens in this match, the WWE Title will be staying on RAW. However, things are different in the Ladder Match. The World Heavyweight Championship might switch brands depending on the results.

    I know that I could have mentioned this in the previous slide, but I wanted to discuss this issue separately.

    Many people are saying that we can't have two world titles on one brand. But didn't this happen before? I know it happened for a short time and that things were directly fixed by some twists, but can't this happen again?

    This question might not appeal to many people here, but what if Vince McMahon still believes that Christian isn't World Champion material. What if he still doesn't want to give him the World Title because he went to TNA?

    If that's the case, then we should expect Del Rio to win and take the title with him to RAW. Maybe a few days later, WWE will find a swerve to move the other title to Smackdown as they did before.

    I know this might sound a bit annoying due to many circumstances, but I'm just saying.

4. The "Edge Effect" Will Be Available

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    Despite his retirement, Edge will certainly have his effect on this match even if he doesn't make any appearance.

    Originally, this match was supposed to feature Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, but due to Edge's retirement, Christian became the new contender after winning a Battle Royal on Smackdwon.

    It is said that Edge tried to push Christian towards a World Title win more than once but was always faced with denial. However, as soon as Edge retired, Christian directly earned the spot and got a shot at the World Championship.

    Ever since Captain Charisma returned after leaving TNA, WWE fans were waiting to see if he'll get a chance to finally win the big one on their favorite show, but the only big title he won was the ECW Title, and that wasn't a big deal in my opinion.

    Even when he moved to RAW and later to Smackdown, he wasn't fully utilized even though his move to the blue brand was a perfect chance for him to finally rise to the top.

    No need to go through his short history with Del Rio because we already know it.

    Christian accompanied Edge in most parts of his final rivalry against Del Rio, and many people were expecting to see him added to the match. Others were even expecting to see heel turn and a betray to Edge.

    Unfortunately, we'll never get to know what the original plans were. The only thing we know is that Christian replaced Edge in the Extreme Rules match after originally losing the spot against Del Rio.

    I'm not sure if Edge will interfere. It might be possible because there are no disqualifications in this match, and Christian could need some help as Del Rio might not be alone.

    Will he make an appearance and help his friend? Nobody knows. But whether fans will like it or not, Christian's win might be a shout out to Edge due to his retirement.

    Even if Christian doesn't win, Edge will definitely be mentioned during the match especially that he was a major part in this feud. The promotion of this match heavily features him.

    So can we deny that the "Edge effect" will be available? I don't think so.

5. This Might Be Christian's Best Chance to Win the World Title

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    Yes, I said in previous slides that Christian might not win in the end, but that doesn't cancel the fact that he has a huge opportunity to do it.

    If we take a look at all the circumstances that occurred, it won't be difficult to justify my claim.

    As we said, Christian replaced his lifelong friend, Edge, who relinquished the World Heavyweight Championship due to sudden retirement. Prior to this, most fans were still doubting any chance for Captain Charisma to win the World Title in the future.

    He did get a shot at the WWE Title before, but it was only part of another feud. However, this time it seems that all conditions are in his favor.

    Edge's retirement might be an effective part in this match. As I said, he might win as a tribute to his friend, and even though many fans might not like it, they're ready to accept it. If he really wins, WWE might make it emotional, and Edge might even join the celebration.

    Besides Edge's effect, we already discussed that Del Rio will be moving to RAW, and if he wins, he'll take the title with him and leave Smackdown with no World Titles. If WWE don't want to go through swerves and twists, then Christian's win will be a lock.

    So, as you see, Christian has very high chances to win. For me, he's the current most deserving superstar to never win a World Title, and this might be his best chance. If he doesn't win now, I'm not sure he'll ever win.

6. The Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez Effect

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    Even though he's now on a separate show, but it seems Brodus Clay will still be on Alberto Del Rio's side in this match. He accompanied him on Smackdown and they wrestled together in a tag-team match.

    Clay has been lucky to accompany Del Rio as he found himself wrestling in high profile matches. He was even allowed to show some dominance despite being pinned most of the times in singles and tag-team matches.

    He might not accompany Del Rio later once the drafts become fully effective after on Monday, but I'm sure he'll accompany him tonight.

    Expect to see him distract Christian more than once during the match and maybe attack him since there are no disqualifications in such contests.

    As for Ricardo Rodriguez, he was very effective in some of Del Rio's match, and he'll definitely try to help his fellow reach the title.

7. Alberto Del Rio Has Yet to Fulfill His Destiny

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    I've talked about Christian a lot, so let's focus on his opponent in this match, Alberto Del Rio.

    Ever since his on-screen debut, Del Rio has been on an impressive run as he quickly rose to the top after having several solid victories against several established superstars including Rey Mysterio. It became obvious that he's destined to success in WWE.

    After few months, the Mexican Aristocrat quickly found himself competing for the World Title. Few weeks later, he was able to win the biggest Royal Rumble match in WWE's history and further solidify his status. He always reminded us before the event that his destiny was to win the match, and he did.

    Later, he kept saying that his destiny was to win the World Title against Edge at Wrestlemania 27, and while he seemed to have a high chance of winning as we headed into the event, he couldn't fulfill his destiny as he came short against the Rated "R" Superstar.

    Now, he has another chance to win when he faces Christian at Extreme Rules. But this time all circumstances doesn't seem to favor him.

    I guess that most people here agree that Alberto Del Rio was able to prove that he belongs to the main event scene. Some people might say that he was pushed early, but that's another issue for another article. I'll only say that it's not only about how many years you spend in WWE, especially when you show that you're ready to be a main eventer.

    Many wrestling sites stated in the past that Del Rio was supposed to win the World Title on more than one occasion, but plans were always changed. In other words, it seems that his destiny has been delayed more than once.

    I'm not someone who reads a lot in dirt sheets, but I can accept the fact that he does seem to be a victim of current conditions surrounding.

    I won't go through his run prior to Wrestlemania because I believe it was a great and somehow, a convincing one. But when he lost at Wrestlemania, many people wondered about the reasons for this, and some of them attributed it to the fact that it was result of change of plans for the other World Title match.

    One week later, Edge revealed that he had to follow his doctor's advice and retire. It was said that he underwent some tests right after Wrestlemania, and they showed that he's suffering from serious spinal injuries.

    Many fans believed that if Edge had done those checkups prior to the event, results would have been different. Maybe Del Rio would have won the World Title at the grandest stage of them all.

    I won't analyze this opinion for now, but all I can say is that Del Rio lost huge momentum after this match. He was supposed to face Edge at Extreme Rules and maybe win. But things changed after the Edge's retirement.

    Right now, it seems that Alberto's destiny would be delayed again. It seems that with Edge's retirement and with Christian being his best friend and a longtime deserving superstar, and with Del Rio moving to RAW, Captain Charisma will finally win the big one due to the Edge effect I've been talking about before.

    Maybe, Alberto's move to RAW might have made the result clearer.

    So again, Del Rio might remind us about his destiny numerous times, but he still has to fulfill this destiny.

8. Christian Is One of the Pioneers of Ladder Matches

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    Enough talking about the buildup of this feud and the events surrounding it. Let's get technical here.

    Who can forget Christian's involvement in Ladder matches? Who can forget his numerous TLC and other Ladder matches whether in tag-teams or as a single competitor?

    Of course, his most notable Ladder matches were during his time with Edge when they wrestled the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz in some unforgettable matches. Those matches are still remembered until this date due to the great and memorable moments involved.

    I know that Ladder matches were available before Christian's debut in WWE, but he is definitely one of the people who made it more popular as we moved on. Of course, this should be an advantage on his side tonight.

9. Christian Has the Momentum on His Side

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    Again, like the previous slide, I'll talk about the match technically.

    I think that this rivalry had a good buildup. Even though Alberto Del Rio's main feud in the past few weeks was against Edge, but Christian was involved in more than one direct encounter against the Mexican Aristocrat. Furthermore, we all remember how Del Rio put Christian on the shelf more than six months ago.

    Both superstars faced each others in three matches. Christian was able to win two matches, while Del Rio won one match. They were also part of numerous tag-team matches, and Christian was on the winning side most of the times. As for their backstage and ringside clashes, Christian also has the upper hand even though Del Rio did put him down on several occasions.

    So, if we're going to judge the match technically, we can say that Christian has the advantage and momentum on his side based on history and based on his experience in Ladder matches.

10. Most Fans Are Behind Christian

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    Let's face it, but it appears that most WWE fans, whether casual, avid or even internet fans and wrestling communities members are behind Christian here, and, honestly speaking, I'm not surprised by this.

    Christian has been in WWE for more than 10 years. He did leave for four years during his run, but he was met with a huge ovation once he returned in 2009. Since then, he showed how over he was still with WWE fans.

    He is considered by many people as the current most deserving superstar to never win a World Title in WWE. And now that he has a big chance to win it, would you expect them not stand behind him?

    It seems Alberto Del Rio is unlucky to find himself in such a position, as he'll be facing Christian with all the "peeps" behind him.

Final Thoughts

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    So what do you think? Who will win this match? Will Christian finally win the big one? Or will Del Rio finally fulfill his destiny?

    All thoughts and comments are welcome.