Pacquiao Versus Mosley: 10 Reasons This Fight Is a Must-See

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIApril 30, 2011

Pacquiao Versus Mosley: 10 Reasons This Fight Is a Must-See

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    Next week, Manny Pacquiao will climb into the ring against Shane Mosley.

    And let's face it, most fans are wishing Pac-Man was getting it on with Floyd Mayweather Jr. instead of Sugar Shane. I understand that. I was hoping it would happen as well. 

    But this fight is still worth watching for a multitude of reasons. Here are 10 of them.

10. If Mosley Wins, You'll Want to See It

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    Over the years, I've met a number of people who claim they saw Buster Douglas shock the world by knocking out Mike Tyson.

    Of course, almost no one in the States actually saw that fight because it took place in Tokyo while most American boxing fans were sleeping.

    They might have seen the replay, but they didn't see it live. But let's face it. Everyone wants to see a big upset. And this would be one of the biggest. 

9. Shane Mosley Comes to Fight

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    Sugar Shane never backs down. A lot of people thought Shane was done when he faced Fernando Vargas the first time, and he turned in a great fight.

    They thought he wouldn't bring it against Antonio Margarito, and he shocked the world. Be assured there will be a lot of action as long as this one lasts.

8. So Does Manny Pacquiao

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    Manny is one of the most exciting fighters ever, and he always brings it, even when his opponent does not.

    He almost hurt himself pounding on Joshua Clottey, even though Clottey was unwilling to open up and risk getting knocked out. 

7. You Get to See Two Hall of Famers

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    It's always good to say you saw two legends duke it out. And these guys are two of the best.

6. A Chance to Compare Manny and Money

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    Comparisons are always tough, but since Mayweather dominated Mosley a year ago, it will be interesting to see if Manny is able to do PBF one better.

5. Fans Get a Chance to Compare Showtime to HBO

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    Showtime and CBS want to knock off HBO in battle to see which network will be the top dog in the sport.

    This will be a good chance to see how Showtime does handling a big fight and whether it has the right stuff to change the current landscape.

4. A Possible Mayweather-Pacquaio Bout Will Depend on Decent PPV Numbers

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    I hate saying this, but it's true. Floyd Mayweather will use any chinks in Pacquiao's armor as a negotiating ploy.

    Manny needs to keep his PPV numbers up if there's any chance for the big fight to happen in the near future.

3. Manny Is the Most Exciting Fighter We've Seen in Years

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    Not since Mike Tyson was in his prime has any fighter brought the kind of fireworks Manny brings to the table.

    That alone is worth the price of admission.

2. Maidana-Morales

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    It was only a couple of weeks ago that Erik Morales turned back the clock and almost beat Marcos Maidana.

    Maybe Mosley has a comeback in him as well.

1. You're Gonna Miss Him When He's Gone

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    I know, I know. Never bet on a fighter actually retiring. Sugar Ray Leonard couldn't do it. Roy Jones couldn't do it. But Manny might be different.

    He loves his new life as a politician. He loves his entertainment career. Whether we like it or not he won't be around forever.

    That's why any Pacquiao fight is worth seeing.