Bills' Trent Edwards Expected to Play Sunday

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

News has come out that Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Trent Edwards is expected to play on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. Edwards was injured early in the first quarter of the Bills-Cardinals game last weekend.


On 3rd-and-5 from their own 30 yard line, the Bills lined up in a shotgun formation with two wide receivers to the left side of the field (Lee Evans as the wideout and Josh Reed in the slot) and one to the right (James Hardy). Tight end Robert Royal was also lined up on the right side of the formation, on the line. Marshawn Lynch was in the backfield, to Edwards' left side. Hardy went in motion from his wideout position on the right and moved closer in to the line of scrimmage. The ball was snapped and the Cardinals brought a heavy blitz. Hardy ran a quick slant to the middle of the field, where Edwards hit him in straight for the first down. 


The only problem with the play was that Edwards was plastered by Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson. He was able to come in unblocked because the Bills had no one over on his side. Lynch picked up the blitzer on the left side, but because tight end Robert Royal went out for a pass, without even touching the blitzing safety, Wilson got a free shot at Edwards coming from the right side and took the most of it (there was no flag on the play, but later in the week Wilson was fined by the league. You can see that story here).


Edwards suffered a concussion on the play, the first of his football career.  He was knocked out of the remainder of the 47-17 loss.


Edwards practiced for the first time today after being sent home by the Bills staff each day he reported to the practice facility during the bye week.


Edwards was running the offense, looked sharp, and was firing passes, according to Chris Brown of He also did not have an incompletion.    


If Edwards can indeed go on Sunday, it would be a much-needed boast to the Bills team that needs to be able to compete with the Chargers' high-scoring offense. The Chargers' defense isn’t too shabby, either. San Diego defeated the New England Patriots, 30-10.