The Worst Champions in WWE History

David TaplinContributor IOctober 13, 2008


There is always discussion about who arguably is the best champion in History. Have you ever wondered who could possibly be the worst of the WWE champions ever?


I’m talking about all of the titles: the WWE title, World title, Intercontinental title, United States title, ECW title, World tag, and WWE tag titles.


It’s hard to imagine these coveted titles being given to the wrong person but it's happened, and some of these champions just make you want to cry a little.


As I go over the list of competitors who have held the WWE tag team championships, I see many great names Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, Los Guerreros, and RVD & Rey Mysterio. But looking at the list, it was simple who was the worst: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.


Do you remember Kenzo Suzuki? I barely do, but I do remember that he was one of the worst gimmicks in the WWE. Rene Dupree was a good tag champ as part of La Resistance but with Kenzo Suzuki they were probably the worst of the Smackdown tag teams.


The World Tag Team Titles have been the catalyst to better things or cemented some of the greatest tag teams legacies. The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz, The Wild Samoans, Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson, and The British Bulldogs, just to name a few.


But the worst I’d have to say due to storyline and gimmick reasons was Billy & Chuck. Billy Gunn was probably one of the best tag team wrestlers a and major star that never was, and Chuck Palumbo was no slouch, either, but when put together as the duo in the hot pink tights and the obviously gay overtones, and does anybody remember the civil union ceremony that almost happened on Smackdown? 


The United States championship is one the most coveted titles in the history of professional wrestling. The greats have held the title but that hasn’t stopped them from making a mistake when allowing the title to go around the waist of Lex Luger twice.


Lex Luger has to be arguably one of the worst stars ever. Thankfully neither of his title reigns were very long. You have no idea how mad I was when “The Total Package” beat Bret Hart for the US Championship, but thankfully it was only for three days.


The Intercontinental Championship has been the catalyst for many to become WWE Champions. But just like the US title, it has been put into the wrong hands. Marc Mero had no business being a champion at all. It didn’t matter which gimmick he was using “Wildman” or “Marvelous” especially winning it from arguably one of the best champions in history, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, our beloved Triple H.


The ECW championship has been held by many incredible superstars, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Sabu, Tazz, and Bam Bam Bigelow. But the worst thing to ever happen is kind of a toss-up between Bobby Lashley and Mr. McMahon. Neither had any business being in the land of extreme.


I could never see Lashley being part of the original ECW, which is why it was so hard for me to see him win the title from Big Show. Mr. McMahon is a great personality for TV, but no business as a champion the time that these two were facing off for the ECW Championship was the darkest time in ECW history.


The World Heavyweight title hasn’t been on the scene very long. Unless you want to go back to its WCW days so to be fair I will pick two stars one from the world title coming into WWE and one from WCW. The worst champion in WCW history is David Arquette.


We all remember this sham as probably the worst thing to ever happened to WCW next to getting Vince Russo as head writer. This was just a joke on so many levels and really as a fan made me change the channel and not watch for a month. The second joke as world champion for the WWE era is The Great Khali. I cringed at the sight of Khali holding the title above his head. 


Now for the coveted WWE Championship. Its hard to believe that Vince would put the WWE title in the hands of someone that isn’t up to the standards that the WWE Champions before them held and that man is John “Bradshaw” Layfield.


I had a hard time watching him beat Eddie Guerrero for the belt and defending it against the likes of Big Show, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker and win. The biggest reason I cheered for John Cena winning the title for his first time was finally watching it come of the waist of JBL. I hope to never see a world title or the WWE title around this man’s waist again.