2011 NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics Taking Their Talents to Miami Heat

Steven BaldassariContributor IIIApril 29, 2011

Having grown up in Boston, Massachusetts, I can say this...Boston definitely has a lot of fat chicks. It's rather disgusting. It's not just the chicks though it's the dudes too. Sadly, it is all too well documented by the mayor of Boston, Mayor Menino (one of the fat men I referenced earlier). You would probably think that the consumption of clam chowdahh, crab and baked beans is to blame for the growing obesity of Boston. Not so fast.

Others may lean towards blaming the many tea-parties and consumption of the tea as the culprit. If you picked tea as the root of this dilemma you are partially correct, especially if you were referring to sweet tea.

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Now that we have established that Boston is lacking it's fair share of in-shape people and why, I ask what does Boston have to offer and I answer...great sports franchises of course!

Boston has the Red Sox who are predicted by many to win the World Series this year, the Bruins who just recently advanced to the second round of the NHL Playoffs to face the Philadelphia Flyers, the New England Patriots who's tail is well documented and last but not least Boston has the Celtics.

The Boston Celtics will be taking their talents to Miami to face the Heat in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Game 1 will take place on Sunday, May 1st at 3:30p.m. Eastern Standard Time on ABC.

Playoff Preview Boston Celtics Miami Heat
Championships: 17 1
Last Championship: 2008 2006
Last Season: Lost in NBA Finals Lost in Eastern Conference first round
Regular Season Series: 3W - 1L 1W - 3L

Prediction: The C's will beat the Heat in seven games. Stopping Lebron Bron is the key but guess what, the Celtics have a secret weapon. Can you say "Delonte West?" Picture this...West jogs slowly past Lebron's mom and gives her a wink just for old times sake. He does this long enough for Lebron to see it. Lebron gets heated and then all hell breaks loose!

What a great series this will be. It will be one to remember, to tell your children about...an instant classic. Will the Miami Heat be too much for the Celtics to bare? So far they have been and take a 2-0 series lead into game 3. Can Boston feast on Miami and grow even bigger in prestige or are they simply too old to win Banner 18? Stay tuned...

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