Bears-Falcons: Orton Falters Early, Defense Collapses Late

Jimmy MacAnalyst IJune 24, 2016

Last week, after Orton's dominance against the league's bottom ranked defense of the Detroit Lions, I was prompted to write: "Orton did good, but so what? It's the Detroit Lions who are 0-5, who are the worst of the worst, and who get scored on easier than Jenna Jameson".

Instead I wrote how about how Orton was growing up, making good plays, and taking advantage of a bad defense like he should as an NFL caliber QB.

Shame on me.

It was back to the same old Kyle "I'm good for about 1-10 yard passes and no scores" Orton in the Bears' last-second loss to the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday. The Atlanta Falcons who rank 25th in total defense and 24th in passing defense somehow managed to hold Orton and the offense to three measly points going into halftime and didn't give up a TD until late in the third quarter.

Some will blame the Bears' defeat on a poor kickoff that gave the Falcon's good field position at the end of the game. Others will blame the defense for giving up a huge pass from Ryan that put the Falcons in field goal range. But they're forgetting a major element in that loss: the abysmal offense that was on the field for 90 percent of the game.

Yes, praise Orton! Hail the king! Hoist him on high for his Elway-like last minute TD drive! Please... are you joking? This is the Falcon's people. Get real. Orton should have been making mince meat out of these guys all afternoon.

There should have been no last minute TD drive by the Bears' offense because that offense should have been killing the Falcons from the first minute of their first possession.

And you want to blame the defense? The defense who managed to hold the hot-handed rookie and the league leading rusher Michael Turner to only 12 points on FOUR TD scoring drives? The same defense who didn't even give up a TD to Atlanta until late in the third quarter? The same defense who kept holding the Falcon's for the majority of the game and giving the offense the ball repeatedly in good field position?

Orton looked like the rookie from 2005 until that last minute drive, overthrowing Hester and Booker on deep passes that should have been easy TD's. Throwing fade passes to Olsen and Booker in the endzone that looked more like sloppy free throws that were nearly picked off and easily batted away on a few red zone drives that would have been key.

Blame the defense all you want. They faced the league's top rated rookie passer and the league's leading rusher and managed to hold them almost all game, while Orton and the offense faced one of the league's worst defenses and managed to do nothing for most of the game.

I want Orton to do good, but I'm tired of waiting around! One game against the Detroit Lions and all of the sudden he's the messiah of Chicago; and then the next week, he falters against an equally pitiful defense whose best player is a ROOKIE!

It's nice to see the 1-10 yard quick slants and crossing routes, but I'm tired of Orton throwing sloppy lobs with no touch and missing easy TD's. I'm tired of seeing Hester sprint his ass off down the field only to have Orton heave an ugly deep pass that's 10 yards overthrown.

Most of all, I'm tired of the conservative play. The Bears' offense was abysmal for most of the day. Lovie needs to learn, and he needs to learn quick that the Bears defense can't hold offenses all day long. Not in today's NFL. He needs to stop pretending that you can win it all with defense and has to start demanding more from Orton.

I'm tired of the tale of two Kyles every game—looking solid for a drive and then invisible on the next. And I'm certainly tired of everyone who used to blame one person, the QB Rex Grossman, for all the offensive failures and now refuse to admit they were wrong in not seeing it was more than him, and now try to hoist Orton on high even when he's playing poorly.

The Bears bottom ranked offense in the NFC needs a boost, and frankly, I'm tired of waiting for it to come from Orton.