WWE: Could the Creative Staff Really Know What They're Doing After All?

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIApril 29, 2011

I hate giving credit to the WWE “creative” team, but maybe, just maybe, they know what they are doing.

Of course as we all know, we must react to any positive move made by creative with cautious optimism, but I digress.

Alberto Del Rio is perhaps the fastest rising star in the WWE, and it was almost a guarantee that he would walk out of WrestleMania 27 as the World Champion. However, Del Rio’s destiny would shockingly not be fulfilled as Edge would leave Atlanta with his heavyweight championship.

It was a puzzling move to say the least, however, with Edge’s sudden recent retirement, hindsight certainly comes into play.

This is all speculation mind you, but assume someone within the company knew ahead of time that Edge was going for an MRI and that the results may be unfavorable. Now Edge and Christian had not teamed together in almost ten years, and Christian was featured prominently in Edge’s battle against Del Rio. The two men teamed together twice, once on Smackdown, and once on Raw prior to WrestleMania. Could that had been booked intentionally as a last hurrah for fans and E&C knowing that Edge’s career may be winding down?

At WrestleMania, everyone and their mother assumed that Christian would turn on Edge so that the two could engage in their long-awaited feud. Christian stood firmly by his best friend throughout the match and provided the support that had been lacking. Another head scratching move at the time, but looking back, why have Christian turn on Edge if this was to be his last match.

Some of you out there may be clamoring that if creative knew that Edge was done, then why not have him put Del Rio over? Consider this; Edge has been a main event player in the WWE for several years now, but he has never walked out of Wrestlemania as a world champion. Perhaps creative saw this as a final swan song for the man that had given so much to the industry.

Once the shock of Edge’s retirement had begun to wear off, and Christian had become the other contender for the championship, it again appeared that Del Rio was destined to become champion. Sure some of Christian’s “Peeps” were hopeful that Vince would finally put that elusive belt around Captain Charisma’s waist, but you would be hard pressed to find them in the majority.

This past Monday, the WWE conducted its annual Draft, and who should make his way over to Raw but Alberto Del Rio. At this moment, John Cena was still an active member of the Smackdown roster, so it appeared logical that Cena would take the WWE Title to Smackdown after winning his triple threat match, and Del Rio would take the World Heavyweight Title with him to Raw.

All that changed at approximately 11:05 p.m. as John Cena was drafted back to Monday nights. Now you have interesting development, all the participants in the WWE title match are Raw superstars, but the World Heavyweight title match features a Raw guy (Del Rio) and a Smackdown guy (Christian).

Could Vince have finally pulled the trigger on the much desired and anticipated Christian title run?

More importantly, what in the world is happening to Del Rio!?

Well, there have been rumors swirling of the desire to turn the Miz face, especially now considering his mainstream success since becoming champ. He makes the rounds, and conducts himself as a champion should. The wheels may be in motion to let him really take the keys to the car (especially now that Alex Riley is on Smackdown).

So how does the WWE successfully turn Miz face? Well they surely won’t do it at the expense of current poster boy John Cena, and no one else (outside of CM Punk) carries as much heat as Miz.

The solution my friends, comes in the form of Alberto Del Rio. The man is a heat magnet, and has the ring skills and mic skills to keep up with anyone. This isn’t something that needs to happen overnight either, let the Miz hold on to the title for another month or two, but have Del Rio creep in the shadows.

Maybe Del Rio takes the title in a triple threat match and the Miz needs to pursue him for a few months.

Or maybe Del Rio wins the Money in the Bank match and cashes in on an unsuspecting Miz.

There really are plenty of options here and the WWE may very well accomplish what they have been trying to do for a few years now; establish new stars.

Could the WWE have intentionally held off on Del Rio’s title run on Smackdown to make him turn towards the Miz on Raw?

Could they be that smart?

Eh, now that I think about it, I have my doubts. Oh well, can’t wait for Cena to eviscerate the Miz and win the title on Sunday and then subsequently bury Del Rio over the next few weeks.

Good times, good times.