Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Five Reasons Sugar Shane Can Make This One a Fight

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIApril 29, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Five Reasons Sugar Shane Can Make This One a Fight

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    Does Mosley have anything left? In boxing you never know.
    Does Mosley have anything left? In boxing you never know.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    On May, 6th, Sugar Shane Mosley faces Manny Pacquiao in a showdown he's been begging to get for three years. I mean, he literally went to the Wild Card Gym and begged Freddie Roach for the fight. At the time, Roach felt Mosley who had mostly been campaigning at 154 pounds was too big for Pacquiao who had never fought above 147, and that was only one time against Oscar De La Hoya. Since then things have changed a lot. Pacquiao has fought all the way up to Light Middleweight since that time, and Sugar Shane fought a sluggish bout with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at 147. 

    Most people don't give Sugar Shane much of a chance at this point in his career, but in boxing you just never know. 

5. Sugar Shane Still Has Decent Hand Speed.

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    Shane couldn't keep up with Money Mayweather's superior defense and foot speed. But he did catch PBF with some decent shots in the first two rounds. That's because Mosley still has decent hand speed. Pacquiao is easier to hit than Mayweather and if Shane can land some big shots he might have a chance to slow Manny down as the fight progresses.

4. Mosley Can Use His Size to Wear Manny Down.

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    Pacquiao dominated Antonio Margarito throughout the fight, but he did struggle when Margarito got him against the ropes. If Mosley can get Manny against the ropes like Margarito did in the middle rounds, he has a chance. In the middle of the ring he has almost none. 

3. Bouts Against Bigger Fighters Are Taking a Toll on the Pac-Man.

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    For all the talk about Manny's ability to bulk up has hidden the fact that he really hasn't gotten much bigger than when he fought David Diaz four years ago. The heaviest he's weighed at fight time is 145 in these recent bouts and he used to walk around at 145 in between fights. Constantly fighting bigger men has to be taking a toll on the Filipino wunderkind. Even when he was pounding on Joshua Clotty he was starting to get tired at the end of the bout. At some point these fights could catch up to Manny. 

2. Mosley Versus Margarito

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    No one thought Sugar Shane had a chance against Antonio Margarito when he got in the ring with him back in 2009. But Mosley dominated the fight and knocked Tony out. That showed Mosley still had something left in the tank.

1. Morales Versus Maidana

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    Okay, I know the comparison is a little shaky. Maidana will never be able to fight like Pacquaio. He is a one dimensional puncher with a solid chin. But watching Hall of Famer Erik Morales turn back the clock and almost beat Maidana shows why boxing is so unpredictable. And why Mosley may be able to give Manny Pacquiao the fight of his life.