NFL Week Six Musings: Maybe The Cardinals Really Are Good

Todd MorseAnalyst IOctober 13, 2008

I didn't watch a single down of football yesterday. Here is my in-depth analysis after reviewing the scores.

Should Bills fans still be up in arms over the shredding the Bills took from the Cardinals after the Cards just beat the presumptive Super Bowl roman numeral 43 Champion Cowboys the same way they beat up the Bills?

Speaking of America's Team, Tony Romo is out Four Weeks. Terrell Owens must have been really mad about not getting the ball.

I'm trying to remember who the Cowboys backup is without checking their roster and all I can think of is Quincy Carter or Drew Bledsoe, so I lose. Maybe, since Jerry Jones loves Jason Garrett so much, he will be their starting QB and Head Coach by the end of the season!

The Wildcat offense is so dangerous that it lost to the previously 0-4 Texans, Rawr! Sorry Dolphans, at the end of the day, YOUR QUARTERBACK IS STILL CHAD PENNINGTON.

As a Bills fan, I really loved this week.

Jacksonville kept Denver from jumping to 5-1, New England lost, Miami remembered they're Miami, and the Colts told the Ravens that they have a rookie QB and a bad defense.

The only thing that would have made it a perfect weekend would have been if the Bengals beat those pretenders in green The Jest. Favre the Jester (that's almost as good as Brett the Jet, right?) can't be good all season. Or maybe he will and then brain freeze in the playoffs again like he always does.

The Bengals (I'm above calling them the Bungals), well, too bad they couldn't spring for a decent backup to Carson Palmer. Or just decent players in general. Marvin Lewis should be fired, dude's time was up two years ago. Mike Brown is a cheap expletive.

Detroit games shouldn't be televised. 12-10? Seriously?

One thing I will give Ralph Wilson credit for is that he has always kept trying and selling fans of Buffalo false hope. I think contracting the Lions and the Bengals should be up for consideration.

I really like seeing Atlanta win. Something about it makes me feel good. I don't know if it's the Michael Vick thing, that I like Michael Turner because he came from the MAC, that I like Matt Ryan because people kept saying he isn't a "real" number one QB pick, that their jerseys are some of the best in the NFL or what, but I like it.

I also like (I'm sorry for another Bills reference), that former Bills head coach Greg Williams is now leading a bad Jacksonville defense while former Jacksonville defensive coordinator and current Atlanta head coach Mike Smith is going to be the coach of the year.  It vindicates me constantly saying Jack Del Rio is not the coaching genius everyone lauds him to be and then somehow his teams kept winning. I get it now, look north to Atlanta, Jack.

Oh, speaking of teams that really aren't as good as people thought, how about Washington losing to the Rams?  Yikes. I feel good for Jim Haslett winning. There is talent in St. Louis, he should be able to hold onto that job long enough to choke in the playoffs a few times.

I see ESPN is calling Aaron Rodgers gritty now because he played through an injury and the Packers won. I don't adore Brett Favre, but you wonder what the NFL iron man thinks about that.

Uh, coming back to San Diego shellacking New England (sorry for the terrible segue), I'm glad it happened, but I really don't want LT, Sproles, Gates, Rivers and the SD offense feeling any kind of confidence coming into Buffalo.

The Bills looked terrible against Arizona and they can't, or won't, win if San Diego is clicking. My heart hopes that score is just because New England is bad, but my head says mostly no. Then I remember Norv Turner is coaching the Chargers and I feel the Bills do have at least a chance.

I'm calling it now, Kurt Warner will win the NFL MVP.

Alright, I checked who Dallas' backup QB is, its Brad Johnson. I'm going to let that ruminate in your mind for a second.

Yep, they're screwed.