Reggie Bush Is No Bust—He Sets NFL Records

Kyle T. Mosley@SaintsNewsCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2017

How does this bust continue to set NFL records? The experts, commentators, NFL scouts, and GMs have given their opinions on Reggie Bush and his production in his first two years in the NFL.

The usual label of “bust” has been mentioned time and time again.  However, Reggie has quietly produced in areas they have not focused on.

The first is receptions. Reggie, a running back, set and tied NFL records in his last two games.  He and the Cardinals’ Boldin, a wide receiver, have more receptions in their first 33 and 34 games of an NFL career at 199 and 200 respectively than anyone ever to start their careers.

Boldin’s record is typical because wide receivers get the ball thrown to them more than other positions in the NFL, but Bush’s record is unique. Reggie and Drew Brees have connected faster than any other QB-RB tandem in NFL history.  Just think about this: Bush didn’t play in four games last year, therefore, he would have shattered the record earlier than Boldin.

This number is very impressive.  We must credit Payton’s play-calling and Bree’s execution, but most of all, Reggie’s hands.  If we equate most of those receptions as handoffs in the West Coast Offense, then Reggie’s run production is definitely better than his handoff run production that has been over-criticized weekly.

If Reggie had a dollar for every ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC analyst to say the word "bust" in reference to his running back skills, I bet Reggie wouldn’t need the outside endorsement dollars to be a multi-millionaire.

Mr. Bush is making his mark on the NFL in a unique manner—not to mention that he tied the two punt return for touchdowns mark in the Vikings game.

Will he ever be what they want him to be?  No.  Will he have the impact they want him to have?  No. 

We must not forget that Reggie set two records in his first year.  First, the most receptions by a rookie running back.  Second, the 80-yard touchdown reception in the NFC Championship game.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that by the time his career in the NFL begins to fade into the twilight, Reggie will have had an impact on the game that no one expected.  He's a record setter, not a bust! He’s just a man that does it HIS WAY.