Manny Pacquiao/Shane Mosley: 10 Things Pacquiao Needs to Do to Win

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Manny Pacquiao/Shane Mosley: 10 Things Pacquiao Needs to Do to Win

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    With the biggest fight of the year only one week away it is crucial for any boxing fan to understand what Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley really means, especially at this time of their respected careers and more so what the number one pound for pound fighter on the planet, Pacquiao, needs to do to get the victory over the hall of fame guaranteed veteran fighter.

    At this point of time Mosley is no longer the beast he once was in his prime. In fact he looked god awful in his last fight against Sergio Mora 8 months ago and just as horrible in the last 8 rounds against his fight with Mayweather almost exactly a year ago.

    With all that being said, Mosley still is a very dangerous fight for Pacquiao because he is the much larger, much stronger fighter of the two, who can still hit much harder than anyone that Manny has ever faced in his career.

    So for all the fight fans wanting to know how does Pacquiao defeat Mosley here is a photo slide show of 10 Things Manny Pacquiao Needs To Do To Defeat Shane Mosley.




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1. Manny Must Follow Freddie Roach's Game Plan and Coaching

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    Freddie Roach is the legendary 4 time trainer of the year award winning trainer of Manny Pacquiao.

    As big as Manny has become with his 100 plus MC Hammer like entourage all trying to get a piece of the world's most famous boxer, very few people in Manny's inner circle are actually looking out for the best interest of him.

    Freddie Roach is one of the those very few people who in his own words always states that he views Manny as more than a fighter but even a son to him.

    All of his emotional loyalty aside Roach is one hell of a trainer and he studies each of Manny's opponents very carefully to construct the perfect fight plan and even training camp to prepare for that opponent.

    Roach has even predicted the outcome of Manny's past fights to the exact round of a knock out.

    But again this if Manny does indeed follow Coach Roach's game plan and coaching between rounds.


    Click here to watch KING J's Exclusive Interview with Freddie Roach before the Miguel Cotto Fight.

2. In & out

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    Just like the name of the famous California burger joint, Manny Pacquiao must go in and out like he usually does when fighting significantly larger opponents like he did against Oscar De La Hoya.

    If you recall Pacquiao literally came in towards Oscar landed flurries of punches and backed out of harms way before Oscar even knew what was happening. He did this for the whole entire fight until Oscar was broken down and eventually pulled a no mas.

    When Manny fights in his signature in and out manner he is virtually untouchable.

3. Manny Must Fight in the Center of the Ring

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    Manny Pacquiao at this point is the far faster fighter of the two. Mosley has slowed down significantly in his most recent fights.

    Pacquiao when fighting in the center of the ring often has the significant advantage over most of his opponents for his superior foot and hand speed dominate his opponent.

    He also has full range of movement in the center of the ring where his elusiveness literally saves him from getting caught by not getting backed up into the corner of the ring or against the ropes.

4. Stay Away from the Ropes

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    Just as #3. states he must stay in the center of the ring, just as important or even more so is the need for Manny to stay away from the ropes.

    If you look at Manny's fights whenever he tends to get in trouble and get hurt he tends to almost always be against the ropes where his opponent is applying the pressure and landing best on him.

    If you recall pretty much the only true time Antonio Margarito had Manny hurt or in trouble was when he pressed him against the ropes and landed his biggest punch in the fight which was that  vicious body shot. This woke Manny up literally as it sent him running all the way around Margarito to the other side of the ring.

    Mosley has been most impressive as well when he muscles his opponents against the ropes and fires away.

5. Manny Must Not Get Macho

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    If you recall in the Miguel Cotto fight Manny deliberately disobeyed his trainer and corner through out the fight game plan far outside the window and decided to prove to everyone at the MGM Grand and all the million plus pay per view buyers that he was indeed macho.

    Manny stated that he was sick and tired of everyone saying Cotto was the bigger man and that he would just outbox him in a safe comfortable manner.

    I remember thinking this was the most Manny has been getting hit and in trouble since the first Morales fight.

    Manny literally wanted to prove to the world and himself that he could take the punch of the bigger stronger Cotto. The problem is that it almost cost him the fight in the early rounds.

    Manny was able to floor Cotto twice to even the score and gain the lead on the cards.

    Mosley has never been knocked out and may end his career never being stopped. So Pacquiao can not play around and try to be macho in the early rounds where Mosley is most dangerous and think he can just knock him out or even down with ease to win the fight.

    If Pacquiao chooses to prove he is macho once again against the bigger man Mosley especially in the early rounds then he may finally fall off his pound for pound throne this time.

6. Break Mosley Down

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    In addition to #5. Pacquiao must break Mosley down from the opening bell. Instead of trading and standing toe to toe he must outbox Mosley out point him and most importantly break him down.

    What I liked most about Manny's performance against Margarito was he was throwing combos going to the body and head back and forth. These combos to the body and head eventually slowed Margarito down in the final rounds as he we all saw he looked literally like an ugly zombie with a bad hair cut very sluggishly chasing Manny around the ring only to take on further punishment.

    Manny must work the body like he has never worked the body before. Mosley always comes in tremendous shape and again he has never been knocked out so if Manny attacks the body all night he may be stopped for the first time from the accumulation of constant body shots either that or be reduced to another zombie but this time with cool blue eyes.

7. Impress Nazim Richardson

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    Nazim Richardson is one hell of a trainer and the reason why hall of fame bound veterans like Mosley and Hopkins even still have a career right now.

    Unlike many trainers who just show up for a paycheck, Nazim genuinely cares for the best interest of his fighters.

    In the late rounds of Mayweather/Mosley we saw the intense look of concern on Nazim's face and he even said through out the fight you better show me something or I'll be forced to do something I don't want to do.

    Which implied if Shane didn't start to hold his own then Nazim was going to literally throw in the towel.

    Luckily for Shane he did not and that was also due to the fact that Mayweather is a technical fighter who does not go for dramatic hellacious finishes.

    Pacquiao on the other hand does go for the dramatic hellacious finish and if Nazim has been more than impressed with the constant pressure assault that he is very well capable of especially in the later rounds then he will indeed throw in the towel this time.

8. Get Past Round 3

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    Again Mosley at this current time is not the "Sugar" he once was for almost a decade in his prime.

    In his most recent fights he was still a force in rounds 1 & 2, but by the end of round 3 it was as if his body would not do what his mind was telling it to do.

    Of course we all recall the big monster right hand that Mosley landed on Mayweather in the 2nd round of their fight which almost told us the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight is now off.

    With all that being said Mosley is still very well capable of hurting and even knocking out Pacquiao especially in those first few rounds.

    Manny should outbox Shane in the first few rounds and then begin to turn up the inner PAC MAN monster beast mode from about the end of the 3rd round.

    I will even go as far as saying that from round 6 on Manny can blatantly go for the stoppage.

Exploit the Southpaw Stance Advantage

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    Outside of Mosley's worst losses of his career to Vernon Forrest twice, his big losses to Winky Wright were probably the most frustrating losses to watch.

    A prime Winky Wright was literally like a turtle or a puzzle that a fighter would have to figure out in order to beat.

    Winky literally closed up into his turtle like shell defense and opened up and landed on Shane almost at will.

    If you watch these fights closely you notice Shane was trying to throw punches at any opening he could see but failed miserably. But why? Why was this such a problem for the far superior faster fighter Shane?

    It may have very well been the fact that Wright is a southpaw fighter.

    Many fighters often even avoid fights with southpaws for the significant advantages that they have over an orthodox fighter. Many orthodox fighters are never able to time properly a southpaw fighter and they often get beat to the punch for the whole fight as a result of it.

    Manny Pacquiao is considered by many boxing experts such as the legendary Bert Sugar to be the greatest southpaw fighter of all time.


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    One word: ANGLES.

    When describing Pacquiao destroying his opponents probably the signature characteristic of his impressive beat downs besides his tremendous speed, power, accuracy and pressure is the various random angles from which he can throw punches at you.

    There is virtually no way in preparing or defending against a fighter who can surprise you with power shots constantly coming at you from random unusual angles.

    If you remember all the way back to the third Erik Morales fight Pacquiao landed some heavy bombs that the Mexican legend could not see coming for they came from the most random angles that he was not used to seeing punches coming from.

    From that fight on I've seen Manny land some of the most random strange angled punches that I have ever seen land cleanly and destroying it's targets.

    A hall of fame bound legend like Shane Mosley at this stage of his career will not be able to deal with the constant pressure and angles of punches that Pacquiao will unleash on him.

    In fact nobody in the sport right now could effectively handle these angles that the only the Congress Man Pacquiao can produce.........Nobody!


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    So there you have it fight fans. These are the 10 crucial things Manny Pacquiao must do In order to defeat Shane Mosley next weekend.

    I hope you enjoyed the slide show list.

    We here at Bleacher Report will be launching our Official Predictions Article on Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley next so definitely look out for that.

    We will also be live at the MGM Grand next weekend covering the weigh in, the fight and post fight activities so definitely check back with us.



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