Wanted: New Coaching Staff at Auburn After Dismantling By Arkansas

Double KAnalyst IOctober 12, 2008

For some reason, there were a lot of people that thought Auburn could and would win the SEC West when the season started. Absolute foolishness.

All you had to do was look at their quarterback situation and it was easy to see that this was not a conference championship team. An untested Chris Todd in a new offense and a non-throwing threat in Kodi Burns. Dual quarterback systems never work very well. I don't know what people were thinking.

Anyway, the complete chaos that is currently Auburn football is of no concern to me anymore because the Hogs got their first of many big wins to come under coach Bobby Petrino with their impressive 25-22 win at Auburn on Saturday. And, make no mistake, it was impressive.

Arkansas outgained Auburn in yardage, 416-193. Michael Smith broke free for 176 yards on the ground. Casey Dick threw for 222 yards, and if it hadn't been for his two interceptions that nearly resulted in two touchdowns for Auburn, the score might have even reflected a more lopsided total than just three points.

The much-maligned defense came up with a big goal-line stand at the end of the game, and the Razorbacks just plain outmanned the Tigers in the trenches.

Dick: Must suck to be Auburn right now, huh coach? Petrino: Yeah, glad I left this dump when I had the chance.

Chalk one up for the Petrino era, and if you need a job, be sure to check the local want ads in Auburn, craigslist, Monster.com, and Google, among other places, for postings out of Auburn this week trying to attract new coaches and better players.

Next up for the Hogs: this Saturday at Kentucky, where the Arkansas will look to avenge another home loss from last season.