IPL 2011: 5 Best Commentators This Season

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IPL 2011: 5 Best Commentators This Season

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    MOHALI, INDIA - MARCH 30: (L-R) Commentator Ravi Shastri, M.S. Dhoni of India, Shahid Afridi of Pakistan ,match referee Ranjan Madugalle and Lays mascot Arancha at the toss during the 2011 ICC World Cup second Semi-Final between Pakistan and India at Punj
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    Imagine watching a match without commentary, it will be dull and eventually you will lose interest within minutes. As with every sport, cricket commentary is also a vital part of the game.

    Unlike the last season, this year's IPL has a trimmed down version of cricket commentators. The third version of the entertainment cricket saw as much as 17 commentators divided in three groups traveling in groups to cover matches.

    The previous version also had a fair representation of different countries at the commentators’ box. As Pakistan cricket team is touring West Indies, commentators from both these nations are not part of the group in this IPL; nor are the Sri Lankans.

    On the official Web site, the Sahara IPL awards was also a hit in 2010, this year, we are also missing that. Unlike cricketers, their performance is not based on form. So, I decided to rate the commentators when there are still many matches to come.

    To make the list a bit more challenging and interesting I decided to select only one commentator from a country.

    Read on my list doesn't feature Bradd Hogg in the number one position.

Honorary Mention: Navjot Singh Sidhu

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    He is a sensation on and off the field. Though, he is not in the group of commentators, instead, in regularity is part of the pre- and post-match show.

    It is like when he talks others keep quiet. He does so by his humorous comments popularly known as Sidhuism.

    One of my recent favorite Sidhuism, commenting on Kings Eleven Punjab's recent form, he said, "They are like the man who had a piles operation, all their problems are left behind."

5) Pommie Mbangwa

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    COLOMBO - SEPTEMBER 10:  A portrait of Mpumelelo Mbangwa of Zimbabwe, taken before the ICC Champions Trophy on September 10, 2002 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
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    Interestingly, he is one of the youngest commentators to get in the box.

    The former Zimbabwean fast bowler did not have much opportunity to play internationally because of the sorry state of affairs of Zimbabwe cricket.

    His style of commentary is gentle, smooth and well-educated.

4) Robin Jackman

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    KANPUR, INDIA - NOVEMBER 22: (TOUCHLINE PHOTO IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS IN THE UK, USA AND AUSTRALIA ONLY)   Pitch reporter Robin Jackman talks with Umpire Daryl Harper in the fog during a delayed start on day three of the First test between India a
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    The former English cricketer who played only four test matches and 15 ODIs is also part of the group of commentators in IPL 4. He brings him with immense knowledge and thoughtful comments.

    A commentator's job is to present the happenings on the field neutrally, he does just that.

3) Kepler Wessels

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    NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - APRIL 6: Portrait of Kepler Wessels of Northamptonshire taken during the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club photocall at the County Ground on April 6, 2005 in Northampton, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)
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    Kepler's comments are often critical and he separates himself with others by his constructive criticism. He understands the Indian conditions very well, perhaps his coaching assignment with Chennai Super Kings in 2008 has helped him.

    On the field, he was the first person to have played ODIs for two countries, Australia and South Africa.

2) Danny Morrison

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    AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 01:  Talkback ZB sports host Danny Morrison at work in the Auckland ZB studios.  (Photo by Ross Land/Getty Images)
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    He is an entertainer and, rightfully so, deserves the second place. Every time he is on-screen, there is a sense of liveliness, cheerfulness and happiness.

    Danny's sense of humor is commendable. As all say, he is a character, he is definitely a character.

    If T20 is for entertainment, Danny certainly scores on this aspect.

    I think instead of commentating on Test matches, he would go and watch a Bollywood flick.

1) Ravi Shastri

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    CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA - DECEMBER 20: Commentator Ravi Shastri during day 5 of the 1st Test match between South Africa and India at SuperSport Park on December 20, 2010 in Centurion, South Africa  (Photo by Duif du Toit/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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    Any list of best commentators is not complete if we do not mention a certain Ravi Shastri. But as I promised to include only one commentator from a country, Ravi Shashtri was the obvious choice.

    Harsha Bhogle would have made the list if not for the condition.

    Do you agree that Ravi Shastri is better than Harsha Bhogle in commentary?

    Let us know through your comments.