Shucking It to the Korn: Is Willy the Answer for Clemson?

Jay SchrimpfCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

As the clocked ticked down last Thursday night in Winston-Salem, the Clemson Tigers found themselves in 1-2 in the ACC. The Tigers are all but done in the conference race after just three games. To make matters worse, star running back CJ Spiller is injured and his status remains unknown. 

But if all of this was not bad enough, the Clemson faithful have turned on their head coach. Much like fans at Tennessee, Clemson fans have felt that their head coach no longer can lead the team to the coveted championship.

But unlike the Tennessee fans, the Clemson fans have no recent national title, conference title or divisional title to celebrate. In fact, under Tommy Bowden, the Clemson fans have none of these. 

So while the fans are howling and the chat rooms are lightning up with new coaching suggestions, there is a game to play. In fact, there is still a second season to play. The second half of the season starts at home against Georgia Tech. And despite an anemic offense and a defense that gives up the big plays, the Tigers are favored. 

Thus enters the wild card. Willy Korn will get his first start at Clemson. The five-star recruit quarterback (dropped to four stars by Rivals after signing his letter of intent—a story for another day) from nearby Byrnes High School is expected to be the Clemson saviour. The quarterback that Billy Lucky and Willie Simmons never lived up to be. He is to be the total package that Whitehurst and Dantzler were not. He is heralded as the next "Steve Fuller."

So let's shuck it to the Korn. The redshirt freshman still needs someone to block for him. The young quarterback needs his defense to play 60 minutes. The field general will still need the team to show heart. He will also need the fans to support the coaching staff. The receivers need to make the tough catches and the defensive backs need to make plays. 

When you finish shucking it to the Korn, does anything change?

If Clemson wins, the fan base will blast Bowden for not playing the young quarterback sooner. If Clemson loses, all the more reason to get rid of this coach and his staff.

Clemson has already lost, and the game has not been played. The only thing left for the Clemson fans is the postgame tailgate party. By the way, what is the weather supposed to be like?