Bass Fishing Offshore

Jess KContributor IIIApril 27, 2011

Fishing for large mouth bass offshore has recently seen an increase in popularity. A number of large mouth fishermen have a habit of limiting themselves to pursuing their bass inshore. However, this is a mistake that also tends to limit the numbers of the live well.

When I mention offshore, I am not necessarily referring to structure in deeper water. What I mean by offshore is that fishing this aspect of the water should never be neglected. The weeds that are located in these areas are considered prime fishing locations, especially when in pursuit of bass. If you are to come across a 5 to 9 foot cap along a shoal that is sprinkled with vegetation, this is another area that has the potential to be holding a significant amount of fish. If this area is also surrounded by water that is nearly forty feet deep, there is a possibility that some small mouth bass can also be found here as well.

However, if the surrounding water is somewhat on the shallow side such as ten or fifteen feet, then the chance that you will get a bite from a large mouth bass is a lot higher in these fishing conditions. Searching for the best areas in which to begin your fishing should start with noting the temperature of the water. If the water is warmer or there is not a sufficient amount of adequate cover, this is the time when bass are most likely to venture offshore.

Deep weeds, shallow weeds and large rocks, all in conjunction with shallow and deep water as well as a decent amount of food sources, suggests that bass will be in that area. Peninsulas located on the bottom of a lake are like magnets to large mouth bass. However, once you catch one of these fish in an area such as this, you might be surprised as to how many soon follow.

Any islands found offshore are usually surrounded with shallow water and where there is shallower water, there are large mouth bass. Kawartha Lake in Ontario Canada has one island in particular that has plenty of large mouth and small mouth bass and has consistently had these fish here each and every year. However, you would think that more fishermen would know about this bass fishing goldmine than the amount of anglers that do.

Once you find the weeds offshore, be sure to fish them slowly and thoroughly. You will be surprised to find the results that you get  and your new favorite fishing spot just might be offshore. Dust off that fishing gear and head out onto the water.