The Bye Week: What Does a Football Fan Do?

TJ LuckmanCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

Bye weeks are tough. For the first, say four to five weeks (at the most what, 12?), a football fan has his team to watch, and then other games to take a peak at when his team isn't doing well, or if there's a commercial, something like that. 

You could be checking the Jets game to make sure Brett Favre isn't having one of his "interception days," as I like to call them, or the other way around, making sure you made the right decision on a quarterback for your fantasy team this week. 

The bye week comes, so you're stuck watching any team but yours. I wish I could have watched the Bills today, but that didn't happen. Now I don't want to see them play next week, seeing how the Chargers absolutely tore apart the Patriots. 

Bye weeks make me worry. They make me excited. It's just a different story, depending who you are, but it's always different from your normal story: watching your team.

As for me, I watched the Patriots and the Dolphins fall today, so it's a good day in my book. As for the Jets, I'll worry about them when that game comes. As for now, I am probably like a football coach; I am just focusing on my team's next game, which happens to come against a high-powered Chargers offense, complete with Rivers, with sides of Tomlinson, Jackson, and Gates. 

I'm sure Patriots fans didn't appreciate watching the Bills go 4-0 during their bye week.  Titans fans were probably the most content going into their bye week, sitting on top of their division with a 5-0 record, with the next closest team being the 3-2 Colts. 

As a football fan, I understand. You are confused. You are frustrated and happy at the same time, glad that your team does not have to play so that you don't have to worry about them losing, but frustrated that your team couldn't get that much better today. 

That's why it's always good to like other sports, like baseball, and hope that during football season, your city's MLB team is heading for the month of October. If not, then you just pick a game, preferably your own division's, because for you, that will be the most exciting. 

Pretty much, you just want it to be next week already. You don't know if the bye week is a breather that your team sorely needed, or if it's going to be a complete momentum breaker where your team doesn't do well for the rest of the season (I'm looking at you, Kansas City).

What do you do during your bye week? Obviously, I write articles like this one.