Messianic Prophecy from Ted Thompson to Packer Fans: “We Are Moving Forward”

Don ZakCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

As he stated last July: “We believe that this is the path that we should be on. We believe this is the best thing in the best interest of the organization, both in the short term and the long term.” 

After hearing these prophetic words from Packer’s GM Ted Thompson, the fans, the team, and the community were enraptured and trusting in our benevolent leader, as he decided our fates from the papal towers of 1265. And as a true messiah, Ted has led us, walking hand-in-hand on a personal quest for fame, glory, and praise. 

With the resurrection of Brett in July, yet again conflicting with Ted’s vision of progress and the future, the Pontiff received inspiration from a higher power that, “I thought it was important for me to be perfectly honest with Brett that we have started down this path and it doesn't make sense for us to turn around and go back now.” 

Ted’s edict means for Packer fans that the pathway of faith is the pathway of waiting.  And with Brett cast out of Eden forever, Ted began to prepare his three young quarterbacks to lead the team down this path.

After beginning the season 3-3, with three straight loses at one point, it makes me question what was his vision in the first place? One can only imagine that it was the anointed “Golden Boy” Aaron holding high the Lombardi Trophy. 

Ted’s statements of infinite wisdom clearly left many Packer fans excited with the prospects of achieving their first Super Bowl appearance in over a decade. However, as the top decision-maker for the Packers' organization, the responsibility for the current situation lies with Ted’s messianic messages and hyperbole he subjected the fans to during the offseason (you know it's true). 

And for the Packer fans that drank the communal kool-aid from Thompson, do not despair. There is hope on the horizon and perhaps a better pathway to follow, another idol of worship in the Green Bay lore.

While the 2008 season looks like a lost cause, there is a promising, shining light out there to properly guide the team. After taking a break from the 2009 football season, the Green Bay Packers should plan to hire Mike Holmgren as GM in 2010, as the second coming of our next savior.