Who's Next in Line to Win "The Big One"? ECW Edition

David TaplinContributor IOctober 12, 2008



If you have read my last two articles you know where I’m going with this. We have seen a few ECW superstars become ECW Champion and go on to other brands and become successful, and stars that weren’t successful on other brands come to ECW and be successful. Matt Hardy and Mark Henry are the best examples of this. Matt Hardy after years of not winning a singles title won the U.S. Title just before his departure from Smackdown to ECW, and Mark Henry as been in world title contention for years as well send them both to ECW and you get first time world champions.


ECW has the new superstar initiative which always brings are stock of brand new stars with a mix of older ones. So allow me to reask a question i’ve asked twice before now, Who is in line to win “The Big One”?


Finlay, he loves to fight but let's not think he doesn’t love to win gold either. Finlay was on the mid-card in Smackdown and the occasional world title match. Finlay is world champion material. Is Hornswoggle holding him back? Finlay can produce main event level matches. In fact he had a great feud with former ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley. I hope one day I see Finlay holding championship gold. 


Mike Knox is one of the most impressive big men in the WWE today. He’s faced everyone on ECW. He is the only star besides Elijah Burke and Tommy Dreamer that has been around since the early days of WWE recreating the ECW brand. Mike Knox had a feud with CM Punk in the early days of ECW and the matches were we received by WWE fans. I think Mike Knox has what it takes to become ECW Champion. Then go on to another brand and do some damage there as well.


The Miz has been a tag team champion with former ECW Champion, John Morrison.  I really don’t see “The Chick Magnet” being anything more then what he is. a tag team partner. True he does have a win over CM Punk but he’s nothing more then a mid-carder at best. I can’t see him holding singles gold as i don’t see him holding a candle to any champion.


Ricky Ortiz is a impressive athlete and has had a very impressive start to his WWE Career. I see great things from him but i cannot place if he will be a main event player.  A former Football player has what it takes to hit hard, but can he hit hard enough and win himself some ECW gold?


Jack Swagger, “The All-American American”, only being on the ECW roster officially for just over a month has made quite an impact. Looking to make his mark by going after “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer.  You can’t call yourself an ECW star without taking on Tommy Dreamer. Swagger has the look, the charisma and the in-ring ability to be a big deal in ECW and the WWE as a whole. I can see “The All-American American” being a champion, lets see if his ECW career will still prove he has the right to be as cocky as he is.


Evan “Air” Bourne has to be one of the most impressive new stars i have seen in along time. Evan Bourne has taken the wwe by storm has quickly been engulfed by cheers from the WWE Universe. He has the most hang time i have seen from any high flyer.


His Shooting Star Press finisher is the best that has been seen ever. Teaming with the likes of Rey Mysterio and showing that despite his size he can go by taking on the likes of Kane. I see nothing but huge things from Evan Bourne and can’t wait to see where his career goes. This man will have gold around that waist of his its just a matter of time until it’s there.


ECW’s roster even if it doesn’t have the roster isn’t as big as the other brands is just as talented and just as stacked with potential. Every star i have mentioned can become a big part of any brand and will make ECW an incredible show to watch. We will all be sitting back watching these stars become Superstars that is without a doubt. But who will be the one that does it better then the rest. As of right now its Evan Bourne but you never know what the future will hold.


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