College Football Thoughts and Opinions on Week Seven

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 12, 2008

Picking the Sun Belt

Good luck with that. There was once a time when all you had to do was say North Texas and you were fine. Troy always seems like they will contend and usually do. FAU was the flavor of the month after winning it last year, but they don’t look up to it so far this year. Arkansas State is in the picture, and you can't count out Louisiana-Lafayette with their running game.


Red River Shootout

Like I said, I am not calling it the other thing, but it truly has surpassed all other rivalries in terms of how much it means on the national stage. I can’t think of another rivalry that has had as much on the line for both teams.

Name another major rivalry where both schools are so consistently in the national championship race. Maybe UGA-Florida. Ohio State-Michigan has meant more to Ohio State than Michigan lately.


Ranked and Lost

Upsets were bountiful this week. Surprisingly Thursday wasn’t doomsday for a ranked team like it has been recently. Saturday, on the other hand, had a few top-ranked teams going down. Coaches' poll numbers one, two, and three all lost. Numbers 14, 22, 23, and 24 also lost. That’s seven ranked teams in one week. Most were to other ranked teams though.


Michigan is not Michigan

Talk about the winged helmets and the winningest program and all the tradition and history, but you still just lost to Toledo. You are now 24-1 against the MAC. That one-loss was to 1-4 Toledo. I know expectations weren’t super high this year with the new coach and system, but I don’t know that anyone saw this coming.


Gopher Turnaround

Minnesota went 1-11 last season and have now started 6-1, meaning they are bowl eligible. The only win they had last season against was MAC team Miami OH. So far this season, the only loss they have had is to Ohio State. They were 0-8 and last place in the Big Ten last season but have now started the season 2-1 and are currently in fourth in the conference.


NON-BCS Did It Again

Tulsa, Boise State, Utah, BYU, and Ball State again went 5-0 for the weekend, meaning we still have five undefeated teams from outside the Big Six. Like I have said before though, only four can finish undefeated. I hope it happens, too.


At This Time, This Season

I believe the Big 12 is the best conference. Going into this week they had five undefeated teams. All five were ranked, and four of them were in the top 10. On top of that, you also have a one-loss Kansas in there.

Now after four of the teams matched up, there are still three undefeated, four ranked in the top 10, and another at 11. Kansas still only has one loss and is bringing up the rear at 16. And yes, I know this will probably be the part that gets the most comments.


Still Questioning Auburn

I am not trying to pick on them, but they are going down the crapper fast. Maybe it is because I picked Auburn to win the West and they are letting me down big time. Franklin could have been a good hire if Tuberville would have actually let him do what his offense was supposed to. I don’t think I ever saw it quite like it was run at Troy last season.

Instead they fire him and say it was a mistake to hire him. Then Auburn turns around and loses to Arkansas in what was probably their worst offensive game this season.


Ohio State at Michigan State

When was the last time Ohio State’s bigger game with a school from Michigan was the one with State in the name? Both schools enter next week's game at 6-1, setting up what appears to be a big matchup.

We’ve all heard about how big Ohio State-Michigan is, how it has Big Ten and national implications. Not so much this year. Like I said earlier, Michigan just isn’t Michigan this season. Michigan State, though, is one of the top teams in the Big Ten and has one of the best runners and a true Heisman candidate in Javon Ringer.


That Was Weird

There were a couple moments that left me going, HUH? At the end of the Notre Dame-North Carolina game, with the way the clock ticked down and the questionable fumble, I just wasn’t really sure what was going on.

Why was Maclin running backwards in the Missouri loss? Well, that’s beside the point. The weird part was the forward lateral. I guess when you think about it, trying to pitch it around to end a game isn’t that unusual. It still made me sit up and go “Huh, weird."

The last game I watched was UCLA at Oregon. At some point late a UCLA player got hurt and they had to cart him out. The weird part came during this: There was a fight in the stands, and one fan was arrested and some fans fell out of the stands. At least one was taken out on a stretcher. Weirdest stoppage I have ever seen.