Van de Sar and Marcellis the reason Holland won’t win World Cup 2010

Colin MyerscoughContributor IOctober 12, 2008

There is no doubt that there are some great individuals that play for the Dutch national team, but no team from the current era has the opportunity to balance on individuals. Two individuals that made the headlines the last week are the key reason Holland won’t win World Cup 2010. Van de Sar was called up with his successors been injured and Marcellis made his debut in the national team selection.

With Timmer and Stekelenburg been out and doubtful with injuries coach Van Marwijk called Van de Sar with the request to come out of international retirement to help the team out for two matches. Calling on the 38 year old goalkeeper to help a team in qualification is not a problem if your first and second choices are up and coming talents, which will be ready to take his place in 18 months time. But as Timmer is 36 and Stekelenburg seems never to be of the kind of quality that Van de Sar represents, it seems the future is non existent and the past needs to help in the present.

Marcellis made his debut for the Dutch national team against Iceland and was seen as a great asset. But it is the same Marcellis that does not manage to make a huge difference for his club team PSV Eindhoven in Champions League matches. With the defence been the weakest area of the team in the past 4 years, been covered by a great goalkeeper that is now going in to retirement, and the greatest asset not been of the quality required in the Champions League it seems the team is becoming weaker every time they come together.

With Van de Sar not going to World Cup 2010, the poor defence will not be helped by a great goalkeeper and with Marcellis as best asset the defence will not be improved to be able to go without a great goalkeeper. The hope will be that Timmer stays fit the next 18 months because the chance that Vorm and Veldhuizen make a great leap forward to shine is unrealistic.

The individuals that weakly shine for their clubs are not the team players to form a well oiled machine to cover up weakness and let one or two others shine. And even if Van Marwijk selects almost a dozen of great individuals, he will only use 3 or 4 of them in each match. World Cup 2010 is a nice event for the goalkeeper or defender that can make a great leap forward in his career in the next 18 months, but realistic?

See you in 2010! Somewhere in South Africa.