Lions-Vikings Game Must Be Reviewed by NFL Officials

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

Where to begin with issues I have with the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings game from week six?  The two main issues I have are the refereeing and Adrian Peterson creating helmet-to-helmet contact.

First, the refereeing.

There were three calls/non-calls in this game that drove me crazy.  The pass interference on Calvin Johnson where there definitely was a pass interference was not called against the Vikings. Johnson was knocked down for a pass, and if he had been able to keep running he would have had a chance to catch the ball in the end zone.

The pass interference call would have put the Lions in position to probably get a field goal at least.

Then, the fumble that wasn't a fumble.

On another play, Calvin Johnson caught the ball and was down, and then the ball was ripped out, and the Vikings recovered. 

Detroit challenged the ruling on the field of a fumble but the ruling on the field stood.  Johnson was obviously down and still had possession before the ball was stripped.  The announcers even said that the refs blew that call.

Finally, I am brought to the pass interference that set up the Vikings' game-winning field goal. 

There was no contact between Bodden and the Vikings' receiver until after the ball touched the hands of the Vikings player.  This was a great defensive play by Bodden and the refs botched the call.  As with the fumble call, the announcers once again said the refs blew the call.

This brings me to my issue with Adrian Peterson.  There were at least three plays where, to try and avoid being tackled, Peterson lowered his head to hit the defensive player in the helmet with his own.

Now, I know that football is a contact sport, but if defensive players are not allowed to hit helmet to helmet, why should offensive players?  On the game-winning drive, Peterson's helmet-to-helmet contact caused Lions' safety Gerald Alexander to be shaken up on the play and he had to leave the field.

Those are the issues that I have with the Lions-Vikings game.  I definitely feel the NFL should be reviewing this game.  With the issues the NBA has had recently with a ref being tied to gambling, any blown calls are ways for people to say the refs must be on the take. 

Also, with the way the season is going with refs messing up calls, it doesn't look good. In fact, it makes the refs look incompetent. 

In relation to Peterson, with all these issues the NFL is having with concussions, shouldn't the NFL be fining Peterson for his actions? Or at least make some rules against this to help protect their players?