MMA Power Rankings: Month 1

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2008

I've been looking around the rest of B/R to find out what other sporting groups are focusing on for their articles. 

What did I find you ask? Power Rankings!!!

Yes, we've seen MMA power rankings before, but none like this. We haven't hardly made it out of the top five, and when we do, we tend to start breaking them into their respective divisions. 

But this power ranking system is different. It's overall MMA. Oh, and it has a bottom five of the people we know from organized MMA (obviously we wouldn't take the nobodies of the world into consideration here). And the Power Rankings will be consisting ONLY OF THE TOP 20 IN THE WORLD. If I were to go deeper, more controversy would ensue, and I'd be so tired. So no.

So, without further introduction, here is the MMA Power Rankings Week One edition on B/R.  As always, comments are welcome, and if you don't like my rankings, by all means make your own.

1) Fedor Emelianenko

Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I know it comes from a song, but still. He's the best. He's proven it back and forth, and though Silva gives him stiff competition at this spot, right now he's the best, and come January, expect a war with Arlovski.

2) Anderson Silva

Simply the second best. Hahaha, the fact is that he very well could and maybe should be number one. I think if he does a little bit more at 205, sure, I'll give him the nod. Until then, I'll stick with Fedor for now...even though I'm a UFC man.

3) BJ Penn

This guy's BJJ is the best in the world quite possibly. He makes big men look like mice, and when he trains as hard as possible, no one, even Aoki, can beat him. Should be a great bout with GSP in the near future.

4) Georges St. Pierre

This guy's the class of the Welterweight division. He can take any welterweight out in the world, and come most likely January, we'll see if he can take any lightweight out in the world too.

5) Shinya Aoki

I put this guy here, even though he doesn't get half the recognition he deserves. I used to be blind to Japanese MMA, but B/R contributors have widely opened my eyes. Thanks crew.

6) Forrest Griffin

I dare you to find me one fighter in all of MMA that gives more to his sport than Forrest. Can't find one can you? Well, that's why he's sitting pretty at the sixth spot. Right now, no one better at LHW.

7) Randy Couture

Gotta give some love to the elderly. This man is simply remarkable, and he is who he is because of who he is. What? I know, but the fact remains Captain Couture is the second best HW, and once he finishes his career, he'll be the best coach around, even surpassing the great Greg Jackson.

8) Urijah Faber

This guy is unstoppable at 145 lbs. There is no way, NO WAY, at all, that anyone person will beat him at 145. Then, the only solution to being beaten is to go up to 155 and make the most amazing bout this century with BJ Penn.

9) Andrei Arlovski

Yes, I put him ahead of Nogueira and Mir, and any others right now. He's back to old Arlovski, the one that no one could beat. Lets see if he holds that mentality come January with the world's best.

10) Big Nog

He's the interim champ of the UFC, and rightly so, but don't give me this routine about how he'll go down as the best HW behind Fedor. The guy got smashed by both Sylvia and Herring, and for all you Lesnar haters out there, remember that Herring didn't come close to winning one round against that beast. Not many are better at BJJ, but up top, Nog's got some problems.

11) Quinton Jackson

Even though Rampage has had some problems recently, if he's able to pull through them, he'll be back on the road to redemption. And with such a stacked division, he has to rebound quick.

12) Eddie Alvarez

Also thanks to the B/R contributors, Alvarez has made me a believer. If he never got injured at the Grand Prix, he'd be the champ for sure. However, "Hellboy" Hansen came in and won, so good for him. Yet, Alvarez should defeat Diaz soon in EliteXC for the newly vacated Noons title.

13) Thiago Silva

I'm not a believer that injuries make a fighter drop off the planet. But it was devastating to see Silva not be able to compete against Machida. Now, after a little rehab, the bout should still go on, and Silva will still be one fight away from garnering that coveted LHW belt.

14) Lyoto Machida

Likewise, Machida also is one fight away from the belt just like Silva, and they should be the next ones in line for the winner of Evans/Griffin. Regardless, this guy has truly "Samurai'ed" his way to the title.

15) Dan Henderson

After showing where Rousimar Palhares was weak, this man will be the next coach of TUF. His U.K. counterpart may be Michael Bisping. If this follows through, Hendo will beat him (no doubt) and may be either one fight away from Silva, or the #1 contender at that time.

16) Kenny Florian

You are simply looking at the next man to challenge BJ Penn for the Lightweight title. There is almost no doubt that he beats Joe Stevenson, and gets the next shot. After his dismantling of Roger Huerta, Florian honestly deserved the shot then, but was forced into this bout with Joe Daddy. Should be a good bout with BJ, though many wouldn't give him a shot.

17) Thiago Alves

I'm not a fan of Alves. I think this is the 20th time I've said that, but obviously I mean it. But the win streak this guy is on is worthy of his bout with Diego Sanchez, and the winner of that could be looking at the winner of Penn/GSP. 

18) Rich Franklin

Franklin, coming off a very good win against Matt Hamill is building on that win, and should get a pretty decent fight with another contender at 205. If he could continue to win, you may see him get to tangle with Silva for a 20th time...

19) Nate Marquardt

This guy is primed for another Anderson Silva matchup. He's looked the best, and when Cote gets picked apart by Silva, look for Marquardt to take really good notes.

20) Brock Lesnar/Takanori Gomi/Josh Barnett

As you can see, I didn't have the heart to leave these guys all off the list. If I left Gomi off, I'd get so much heat it's not even funny. Lesnar was a personal choice, as he'll shoot up next months' rankings should he beat Couture, and Barnett is the #2 contender only to Arlovski. I promise I won't do this again next month, but there's just so many good fighters!

Just Missed the Cut:

Gegard Mousasi- No more MMA for this guy....

Diego Sanchez- Lets see what he does against Alves

Fabricio Werdum- Overhyped to say the least...just a BJJ practitioner despite the Gonzaga KO

Shogun Rua- What have you done for me lately?

Paulo Filho- See Shogun Rua...and Dr. Drew for rehab.

Rashad Evans- If he beats Forrest, I'll let him take his place at six.

Tyson Griffin- I don't know why I left him off...I'll put him in the top 15 next month...if he doesn't lose to Sherk.

Bottom Five:

Matt Hughes/Serra: Aren't they one in the same?  Haha, but seriously this is just an elderly battle now, and neither are serious contenders to the title now.

Houston Alexander: Talk about downfall. This guy didn't take the elevator down, he just jumped! We thought he wasn't just all hype, and well...he is!

Antonio Silva- Bigfoot can use it to stick in his mouth after a positive steroid test.  Too bad...he looked destined for...Kimbo?


Cub Swanson- Ever since his loss to Jens, he won't touch title contention for awhile now.