Why The English Media Are To Blame For England's Failings

Miles KentCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

The English media's coverage of the Ashley Cole situation against Kazakhstan has proved that they have the ability to be the architects of England's downfall.

The attention they have consistently given the incident, has blown a minor situation out of proportion and taken away all the attention from what was a convincing win in a good performance, albeit against a team ranked 135th in the world.

So the boo boys were out again after a shocking error by Cole that handed Kazakhstan a goal on a silver plate with a napkin, through their eccentric forward Kukeyev. But by the end of Englands 5-1 win, my concern was not with the fans who had every right to voice their displeasure at Wembley—but the focus the media decided to give the incident above all things.

English journalists didn't want to talk about how well the team played but instead wanted to ask every player that came out of the home dressing room how they felt about fans booing Ashley Cole.

The presenters in the studio thought that wasn't enough and felt it necessary to add their opinion and if that wasn't enough, the sports news channels decided the focus of the game was Cole and not a 5-1 victory in a World Cup qualifier, barely even a mention of the goalscorers and the substitutes that came on and played well.

Sunday morning, and the incident was covered once again. Splashed all over the back pages of the newspapers and the sports channels are still moaning and interviewing various people, getting their views on the same situation.

For those who had the conscious to look beyond the garbage the media was feeding everyone, the coverage was even more embarrassing than our home supporters jeering our own players.

The power of the media in mainstream football is immense and in England, it's all that times ten. Its influence on how some fans perceive the way the team is performing is huge. It's not a great performance unless the media say it is and the players live by this rule when they play for the team.

It would be interesting to really know if they are playing for each other and the manager or they are playing to satisfy the press.