Felipe Massa: The Man Who Can Do No Wrong

Ryan WoodAnalyst IOctober 12, 2008

Felipe Massa hit two cars today at Fuji—both of which were 100 percent his fault. 

We begin with Massa and Lewis Hamilton, after breaking late for the first corner and pushing Kimi Raikkonen wide, Lewis Hamilton dropped to 6th place. Lewis received a 10-second drive through penalty for the incident, and rightly so, although no contact was made with another car. Kimi Raikkonen disagrees, but we have seen from replays that they were at least a car apart.

Then we get to the slow chicane corner, Massa locks up, has to venture onto the grass. Lewis takes full advantage of Massa's mistake and slides up the inside (on the track, unlike Massa) to then be smashed into, and spun by Massa, who clearly drove over the curb/grass and into the side of Lewis.

This dropped Lewis into last place, as he waited patiently until all 12 cars had passed him. So Lewis drops from sixth to 18th in just two laps. Massa then receives a 10-second drive through penalty, but Massa made contact with a car, which caused that car to lose 12 places. How can this be fair?

We then zoom forward to the second pit-stop window. Sebastian Bourdais leaves the pits, sticks closely to the first corner, just as Felipe Massa enters it, Bourdais is ahead, and this is for position.

Felipe bashes into the side of poor Sebastian, who loses about a second. Felipe is spun, and loses about 5 seconds. Is spinning justice for causing a minor accident? Or should Massa be penalised again for doing the same thing twice in a race?

The incident was clearly Massa's fault—100 percent, but somehow, Bourdais receives a 25-second (time-added) penalty after the race, this pushes Massa up to 7th, from 8th.

The stewards have shown another blatant bias towards Ferrari, and I don't care what you say, it was blatantly Massa's fault.

Massa then (officially) leaves the track to pass Mark Webber, but isn't penalised.

I'm sick and tired of this blatant bias, and yes it is blatant bias, no matter what you say.

Massa then has the pure cheek, and rudeness to blame both Hamilton and Bourdais for his idiotic mistakes.

Bourdais has demanded some respect from the Brazilian, who seems to have gone from nice guy, to evil guy in just one race.

Please comment, give your views, was it Massa's fault or was it Bourdais's and Hamilton's? You know my point of view, I want to read yours...