UFC 129 Fight Card: The Best Photos of Georges St-Pierre on the Internet

Jonathan R.R. ClarkeContributor IIIApril 27, 2011

UFC 129 Fight Card: The Best Photos of Georges St-Pierre on the Internet

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    Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

    The much loved, cheeky champion has been snapped thousands of times already throughout his career.

    It is no surprise then that there are some epically funny, strange and embarrassing pictures of GSP floating around cyberspace. I made it my mission to find them.

    Here are some of my favorite snaps of the French-Canadian...at his most serious, at his most humorous and at his most cheeky. Enjoy...

Surprised Georges

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    I'm not quite sure what's with George's face on this one, but he looks surprised and happy.

    Or...maybe...he misjudged his trademark celebration flip, landed on his knees instead of his feet, and is now thinking to himself...'Deez knee-pads av really paid off!'

Georges' Training Mascots

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    Phil Nurse and Rashad Evans have changed a bit...

    This is Georges training two mascots to be fighters. Random? yes...hilarious? very!

    The video of this can be viewed on YouTube under the title 'Georges St-Pierre's Mascot Self-Defense Training'. It's worth a watch for GSP's accent alone! Classic.

    'Remember, if da mascot as a tail...use it!'


Women Do Not Impress Me

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    Whilst this glamorous model soaks up the sun next to GSP, I can't help but think he is not as happy as she. The look on his face connotes his thoughts as being a possibility of the following:


    'Hmm, I'm not impressed.'

    'I could be training right now.'

    I shouldn't have eaten that ice-cream...I will regret that when I fight Shields...5000 press-ups tomorrow!'

    ...Or maybe this was a promotional ad for his fight with Thiago Alves, and GSP is a bit tired of shooting. Who knows.

GSP Pool Party

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    Whilst Georges didn't look too impressed on the last picture, he looks rather happy to be groped by these glamour girls.

    'I train tomorrow...tonight I have fun...wait...you...with the pink hair...you trying to rear naked choke me? Huh! Eat my spinning back fist!'  *wushi wushi back fist noise*

GSP: 1 Punch Bag: 0

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    Now here is a more serious picture of GSP. This is him at his most intense...when he is training.

    And, if you can see any fat on him at all, I'll eat my own toe.

GSP vs. Dan Hardy

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    This picture has captured the concentration (if not slightly cross-eyed) Georges attempting to get the armbar on Dan Hardy.

    If this doesn't show the determination of GSP, I do not know what does.

    Thanks for reading!