Montreal Springs The Leafs Trap

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IOctober 12, 2008

I had mentioned in one of my write-ups that if Ron Wilson was going to play the defensive style of hockey, goals would be hard to come by.

I also mentioned one of the most difficult things to accomplish in hockey is going from offence to defence.

Toronto Maple Leafs as a young team, will have to work very hard to accomplish Ron Wilson's way of coaching. It will come.

Montreal has a very good hockey team and they are expected to go all the way this year.

Let us all understand just how nervous The Rookies were, up against Montreal, trying to win a game as a new team in front of your hometown fans and your second game in the NHL.

The Leafs were in the box all night and the reason for most of that is very simplethey were fighting the puck all night because of nerves and trying too hard to make things happen.

The results for this type of play is also very simpleyour feet are not moving, you are not skating, you are standing still, causing you to grab, trip, hook or interfere, ending up with stupid penalties

A 6-1 loss is not very nice,of course not,but neither is a 2-1 Montreal loss to Buffalo the night before, or Detroit's 3-2 loss to the Leafs.

It could have been,two losses for the Leafs, but we are equal with the Red, White, and Blue after two games.

I also must say, the rookies for Toronto must be wondering"When are the hold- over players from last year going to show up. 

The new-comers for The Leafs have now been introduced to The N.H.L.