Why F1 Is More Exciting Than Five Years Ago

Chris RowlandsCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

We all know who Micheal Schumacher is. Arguably the greatest driver of all time, he broke Juan Manuel Fangio's incredible record of five World Driver's Championships; getting 7-2 for Benetton, and five for Ferrari. He broke almost every record set or recorded in Formula 1, and made the career of Rubens Barrichello seem mediocre, which it isn't.

Micheal Schumacher is almost always blamed for F1 becoming boring; this is unequivocally wrong. It is the fault of the other teams participating in Formula 1 who are to blame for this boredom.

What Micheal Schumacher achieved is nothing short of incredible, and you cannot complain that he ruined the sport because surely being successful is the whole idea of competitive sport?

The fact that there was little overtaking near the start of the 21st century's seasons covered the whole field, not just the little red dot disappearing over the horizon at every race. Why would it be a front-runner's fault that a Sauber couldn't overtake a Prost? That is the fault of the designers of the cars; which just weren't made for overtaking.

Some of the recent rule changes have helped make F1 better. Qualifying was drab when there was 1 car at a time; now we see exciting sessions where there is a real possibility of the championship leader coming 15th.

We now have several drivers who could become Champions with the right car and timing. Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso (who has shown his talent again with impressive Singapore then Fuji wins), Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Adrian Sutil, and perhaps a few others.

Teams are closing the gaps to each other. Next year could have BMW and Renault join the chase; while teams such as Toyota and Toro Rosso are improving massively. Let's not forget that Red Bull, Williams and Honda still have great potential.

GP2 (or F2, from next year) has several great talents. Bruno Senna (nephew of the great late Ayrton Senna), Lucas DiGrassi, and Sebastien Buemi are all real prospects. Watch out for these guys, they could make a massive impact in three or four years time.

Now that we have this competitiveness, wouldn't it be great to have Micheal Schumacher come back and have another go?