The Most Unfortunate Driver's Season Ever?

Isuru Wakishta ArachchiCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

I firmly believe that one does not become a winner simply with personal talent and so be it. But sometimes you see an outpouring of talent being undermined by even greater outpouring of bad luck.


I think that’s what happened to my Kimi this season. But legends have to over come all odds and win, so let us hope Kimi can fight against all odds and win next year. His success in doing so will put him down as either a mere champion or a legend.


Following were some really unfortunate situations that forced Kimi out of contention this year. I want to ask from you F1 fans in this site whether any other title contender driver in the recorded F1 history has had as many misfortunes during a season.


Race/Cause/Actual Result/Possible Result according to my personal judgment

Australian/fuel pressure problems in Q1 it self/8/2

Canadian/Lewis slid into the back/DNF/1

French/the right-side exhaust pipe came loose & broke/2/1

British/wrong tire call by team/4/2

Hungarian/mechanical failure/3/2

European/engine failure/DNF/5

Belgium/illegal driving by Lewis/18/2

Japan/illegal driving by Lewis/3/1


Evidently if it wasn’t for so many unfortunate incidents like above, Kimi may have been champion this year too. Nevertheless Kimi does not deserve this year’s title. I believe every year title belong to the most deserving driver. But that’s just me.

It's game over for Kimi Raikonnen today in Japan, but wasn’t he really that good or is it something else?