WWE Breaking News: Former World Champion CM Punk to Leave WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIApril 26, 2011

I know, I know! The news that CM Punk might leave WWE seems highly unbelievable and I'm sure all are questioning both my sanity for writing it and why I'd put my name in any association with it.

However, it's news and must be reported.

According to pwinsider.com (the story is behind a website pay wall but has been reported on numerous websites, such as E-Wrestling News and Wrestling Inc.), former three-time World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk could be leaving WWE.

Now, why would Punk, a man just now getting into the main event hunt on RAW, leave WWE?

Pwinsider.com says Punk is burnt out from five straight years on the road with no break. Even when he was injured a little while back, Punk was still on the road every week as a color commentator until he was able to do an in-ring return.

Obviously, any wrestler will tell you being burnt out is not a good thing.

Randy Orton, Punk's long-term rival, was drafted to SmackDown last night on RAW, which kills any rivalry the two could have after Extreme Rules. This would be when Punk would leave most likely. It would end his rivalry with Orton, and he could go before he is thrown into another.

Triple H did the same last year as he had Sheamus take him out for some time. Trips stayed out until WrestleMania time earlier this year and left right after to assume his new management position in WWE.

Punk is in need of a break, and I highly doubt he would leave WWE totally. If he is in need of a break, he'll most likely get it.

RAW is still stacked with talent and already has a main heel in The Miz. On top of that, they have a rising star in R-Truth—that is if neither get drafted in the supplemental draft today. Then add anyone else who could rise up.

Punk would be missed, but he is not needed for WWE to run a show. So, he could easily get taken out of action at ER and then return down the line after he has had a long-term break.

Although unbelievable, I could see Punk leaving for a little while, but long-term, as pwinsider would like you to believe by their report, just doesn't hold water for me. Punk loves WWE too much to leave it for years at a time.

I guess we'll see what happens with Punk after Extreme Rules, but as we all know, he's in a Last Man Standing match at the PPV, which means he's going to get beat down no matter what, as will Orton. We know Orton isn't leaving, and the new top face for SmackDown needs to go there on a high note.

So, Punk should lose this match. This makes me and many others believe Punk could leave after ER.

One "WWE office source," according to pwinsider, had this to say about the situation:

"When you look at how the company brands its characters, Punk is never among the top five to eight names that are promoted or pushed. It's Cena, Orton, Miz, Undertaker, Rey, now Alberto, etc. these days and Punk is sort of floating right under there. He didn't fit into the youth drive a few months back but he's not treated like a top veteran either. He's just there, doing his job and while everyone knows he delivers, he's never really treated like someone who does.

"He's never dropped the ball but we don't give it to him really, either. He's treated like a guy, but not THE guy. For a driven guy like him who's made wrestling his entire world, it's got to drive him crazy. Now, the excuse will be don't push Punk because he might be leaving, but the reality is the environment and situation is what is probably making him want to leave to begin with. Either it gets fixed or it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, just like it did when Batista walked out."


Punk still has yet to re-sign with the company even though a long-term deal has been on the table for some time now.

But what do you think? Should Punk leave WWE?