Wikipedia Has Awesome Page About 49ers

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst IOctober 11, 2008

When I was a managing editor, I used to ask my reporters to avoid Wikipedia like the plague because the reliability of the information is questionable in some cases.

Although I still cast a skeptical eye toward it, I was quite impressed with Wikipedia’s 49er page.

It actually has an actual rotating visual presentation of all of the team’s uniforms, home and away, for each era.

Someone knew a little something when putting together the page, because it has the infamous one-day wonder: the 49ers’ 1991 proposal to change the SF logo on the helmet to 49ers. I remember that blasphemy like it was yesterday.

At first, I was totally against moving the team from The City, but practicalities being what they are, I’ve grudgingly accepted a stadium in the South Bay, although I don’t think there is enough support for the current Santa Clara stadium proposal.

That brings to mind the question: Where will the 49ers end up? If San Francisco is too politically incorrect to work with this five-time Super Bowl champ that has brought so much to the Bay Area, where will the team go?

After all, Candlestick was an obsolete and uncomfortable eyesore 25 years ago.

The Giants finally became fed up.

Another great Wiki feature is the won-loss records against every NFL team played. Sorry to say, but after catching up to the Rams in the 1990s, we’re now six behind them, 54-60, according to Wiki. That just grinds in my gut, you know?

Hopefully, Isaac Bruce will lead us to two victories over the Rams this year, thereby narrowing that margin.

Probably the best thing on the Wiki 49er page is that it lists our victories, especially over our bitter rival, the Rams, and perhaps, at times, an even more bitter rival in Dallas.

Sadly, upon remembering that old rivalry with the Rams, I have to say it just hasn’t been the same since the team left Los Angeles.

I wish they would return.

Those were the days.

Rivalries against Seattle and Arizona are building, but they aren’t the same for me.