Isaac Bruce Deeply Respected OFF The Field

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst IOctober 11, 2008

One of the cornerstones of the San Francisco 49ers organization that the owners, front office, coaches, and players share is a commitment to helping others.

Isaac Bruce continues that tradition.

Although Bruce will long be remembered among football fans for ranking third all-time for receiving yards and sixth for all-time receptions, he will also be remembered by many children for his kindness and charitable acts.

“Off the field, Isaac is one of the classiest and most-giving athletes in the NFL,” states the Isaac Bruce Foundation Web site. “Isaac truly makes a difference in people’s lives through his work with local schools and by donating his time and money to various charitable causes.”

Bruce’s foundation stresses the importance of the common denominator of proper nutrition to a child’s overall health and education.

“Through his foundation, Isaac reaches out to youth and teaches them at an early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle.”

Simply, through his presence, Bruce brings high-profile awareness to the causes he endorses. This ability to crystallize community activism only deepens the intense respect that so many people have for this role model.

One of those causes is the St. Louis Metro Area-based Healthy Youth Partnership, which is targeting obesity.

“(It’s) a growing collaborative of more than 60 community organizations,” Bruce’s Web site states. “The (HYP) is designed to be the one-stop shop for healthy activities, tips, resources, current research, and policy changes for all those committed to improving the health and wellness of youth and families in the bi-state region.”

The foundation provides snack rooms at participating schools, in addition to distributing healthy lifestyle tips to children.

“By applying leading-edge research, the Youth Health and Development project is designed to positively impact developing youth during their critical, impressionable years through an integrated multimedia curriculum that encompasses in-school, after-school and family opportunities,” the Internet site states.

“The goal is to nurture and reinforce personal attributes so that they may grow into healthy, productive and responsible adults.”

With a class act like Bruce, you know that his efforts will positively impact the lives of many children and adults.

Oh, one last football point: It’s nice to have him on our side when we face the St. Louis Rams—let’s hope he does to the Rams what he has done to us for years.