WWE Draft 2011: Smackdown Weakened and 10 Things We Learned from the Draft

Diego GomezjuradoContributor IApril 26, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: Smackdown Weakened and 10 Things We Learned from the Draft

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    The main WWE draft is now over and the wrestling fans all over can start to discuss, debate and talk about the changes that have been made, how each roster has benefited from the draft and overall how today will affect the business over the next year.

    Here are 10 things that I learned from the draft this year.

1. Smackdown Was Weakened

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    Will he be capable of carrying Smackdown?

    Without TNA competing for ratings on Monday like they were at this time last year, the WWE has attempted to balance their rosters with talent.

    Smackdown, largely viewed as the B show, has received a couple of performers that could make the show more interesting, however will these superstars be enough to strengthen Smackdown?

    The main talent that has been included on Friday Nights is Randy Orton. Orton is a fan favourite, who is capable of carrying a show, he has the wrestling ability and through this change, can feud with many new superstars.

    With the loss of Edge and the move of Alberto del Rio to Mondays, this pick allows Smackdown to become a bit more balanced.

    Along with Randy Orton, Sin Cara was also moved to Friday Nights, he is an international talent that is on the rise, and can shine in Smackdown that is lacking of a high-flyer with Rey's move to Raw. Sin Cara will have to step up his game to keep Smackdown as a watchable show.

    As we have seen, Smackdown lost two massive performers and received two wrestlers who will have to prove themselves on the show. Will it be enough to make Smackdown a show that is level with Raw?

2. Nobody Cares About the Raw General Manager Anymore, Not Even the WWE

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    This draft provided the perfect opportunity to reveal the RAW general manager, or at least to have him interact a bit with the superstars or with Teddy Long.

    However all the time that he got was to announce the stipulation regarding Jerry Lawler's match with Michael Cole.... WWE Creative I've got one word for you...BORING!!

    This angle has been taken too far and should end soon, and well.

3. Where Was Zack Ryder? WWWYKI

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    Over the past few weeks, Zack Ryder has garnered an incredible amount of attention due to his YouTube show. Everyone across the IWC has been screaming, shouting and begging for this talented superstar to get his opportunity.

    The people wanted Zack Ryder to be drafted to Smackdown and get his IC Championship push, yet during today's main draft he was nowhere to be found.

    We can agree that what this kid needs is TV time, matches, promo time and a belt across his waist, so WWE in the supplemental draft, I hope Zack gets drafted, gets his push and becomes the future of the WWE.

    Make this happen, we want this and it will be good for you. WWWYKI

4. The WWE Are Once Again Killing the Tag Team Division

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    With the Big Show being drafted to Raw, his short lived tag team with Kane seems to be finished. At least this is what has seems to happen.

    In my opinion this is another way for WWE Creative to tell us that the Tag Team Division is dead. Let's see what happens over the following weeks, but I think that the Corre will re-gain the titles and this tag team of veterans will be finished.

    I urge the WWE to revive the tag team division as it can be the major strength of the company.

5. The WWE Puts Far Too Much Importance into John Cena

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    I wish I didn't have to see you

    I'm gonna come off as the typical anti-Cena Internet fan, but this guy bored me, and it reached a boiling point today. Why waste two draft picks on him? Does WWE think I'm an idiot?

    Did they really think I would believe that their main, No. 1 superstar was going to the B show? Please, WWE, I'm not 5 years old.

    WWE needs to understand that although John Cena makes them money, he won't be around forever, they must push new talent, they must give importance to the new upcoming generation, they must make him put over some talent, and most importantly they must change his character as it is reeking from how stale it has become.

    I wish they would've sent him to Smackdown, that way I could've watched him already knowing his matches' results...oh wait...he never loses.

6. Has WWE Forgotten About Daniel Bryan?

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    The American Dragon

    The WWE tends to drop the ball on talent, especially smaller, less-built talent like Daniel Bryan. Ever since he lost the US Championship, he has been buried.

    We haven't seen him showcase his talent in the ring and instead we have been forced to see him run around with The APPLE?

    It is vital that WWE pushes this superstar again; he is possibly the best in-ring performer and would greatly benefit from a good push, or even a good feud with the likes of CM Punk or The Miz.

    Daniel Bryan is another superstar who has been ignored.

7. The Corre Remains, as Does the New Nexus

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    Almost everyone thought that the groups would get disbanded, everyone thought that after what happened last week it was a final goodbye to the stables on each show.

    However, up until now they remain together, which in my opinion is a positive thing.  I like both stables and with the proper writing, they could become strong again.

    It was also pleasing to see Mason Ryan as the final member for Raw on the battle royal.

8. It's CM Punk's Time to Shine

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    With Randy Orton away from Smackdown, CM Punk now has the perfect opportunity to start a new feud. His new feud should be with either a brilliant performer in the ring or a feud that has a belt in the horizon.

    CM Punk has the chance to move up to main-event Monday nights and to consolidate himself as the real face of the WWE.

    Possible feuds for CM Punk:

    John Cena- properly booked

    Bryan Danielson- it would be orgasmic for the IWC

    John Morrison- they could work well in the ring and he could help JOMO with his mic skills.

9. It's Alberto's Destiny to Become a Major Star...but You Already Know That

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    The backroom staff have enough confidence in Alberto Del Rio, to move him to Raw.

    Del Rio will get the opportunity to showcase his ability live on the A Show.

    This is a magnificent move for him, and in time, Del Rio will become a major staple on this show.

10.Talent That Was Missing in the Draft, Talent That WWE Has No Clue How to Book

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    Talent that WWE Creative can't handle:

    Drew McIntyre


    Evan Bourne

    Yoshi Tatsu

    The Usos

    Daniel Bryan

    Zack Ryder

    Trent Barreta

    Chris Masters

    All of these superstars could be huge if only WWE knew how to book them.

    Here's Yoshi Tatsu's music to accompany it.


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