WWE Draft 2011 Results: Reaction and Predictions for All 8 Draft Picks from Raw

Bryan FloryAnalyst IApril 26, 2011

Huge night on Raw with the rosters being shaken up dramatically. There was a huge overhaul with many top stars switching shows.

Let's take a look at both Raw and Smackdown's picks and my predicted impact on the respective shows.

Note: I wrote this as the show went along so bear with the picks and predictions (It was an evolutionary process).

First pick Smackdown: John Cena

Shocking to say the least. During the mock draft that Josh Isenberg and I did last week, many people felt that there was no way that Cena would go to Smackdown.

Well, mostly everyone was wrong.

Cena is headed over to Friday night's to try and add "face" credibility to the roster. He adds his superstar power to help build ratings that have recently been struggling.

My prediction: Cena wins the WWE championship and brings it over to Smackdown adding instant credibility to the "B" show.

First pick Raw: Rey Mysterio

What better way to save face with the kids and still get the merchandise sales than by taking the second biggest hero to Raw.

If you have read any of my articles before, you know that I am not a Mysterio fan.

His gimmick is old. He has done nothing different over the last 15 years. He is at the end of his tenure in WWE.

My prediction: Mysterio gets hurt within three months of being on Raw and WWE is forced to scramble and bring back either Cena or this next pick.

Second pick Smackdown: Randy Orton

Any person with a voice predicted that Orton would be drafted to Smackdown. No one believed that both Cena and Orton would be drafted to Smackdown.

Many of us wanted Cena and Orton to be separated as they are the two biggest faces in WWE, but they went into "face-overload-mode" by adding the two biggest stars to compensate for losing Edge.

My prediction: Orton eventually turns heel when they run into the same problem they have on Raw now. Christian gets knocked down a peg otherwise because you can't have Cena, Orton and Christian in the face main event spot.

Third pick Smackdown: Mark Henry

Not sure why this was part of the main draft and not the supplemental (probably to add a face to the six-man tag main event).

Henry is at the end of his career, but still is a solid mid-carder and a good locker room guy.

My prediction: Henry toils in the mid-card and retires within the year.

Fourth pick Smackdown: Sin Cara

No shock here, but furthers the reason Orton will turn heel. As of writing this, Smackdown faces are Cena, Orton, Christian, Sin Cara, Big Show, etc.

My prediction: Sin Cara chases a mid-card title either US or IC depending on draft results, slowly building himself for the world yitle.

Second pick Raw: Big Show

Still solid in the ring. He can be a heel or face and could be a new competitor for the Miz to face based on their history.

Big Show adds another attraction for kids also.

My prediction: Big Show wedges his way into the Main Event picture at some point over the summer, but never wins the title.

Third pick Raw: Alberto Del Rio

Biggest pick of the draft in my opinion because it shows that they have enough invested in him to develop him into the top heel in WWE.

At writing this, there are not many top faces Del Rio could feud with. Possibly a Miz face turn with Cena gone, or he could face John Morrison or Rey Mysterio again, but Raw suddenly seems really "face" lite.

My prediction: Alberto Del Rio wins the World Heavyweight Title and brings it to Raw.

Fourth pick Raw: John Cena

First off, let me say, this is ridiculous that Cena was drafted twice. I enjoyed the element of surprise, but you basically wasted two picks in the draft, which tells me you didn't have much of a plan.

Like I said in my reaction to Del Rio coming to Raw, the show was becoming too heel heavy and needed more faces.

My prediction: This pick throws off my entire prediction for the WWE and World Heavyweight titles up to this point.

You can write this in stone and feel free to berate me if it doesn't happen, but CHRISTIAN WILL WIN THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE AT EXTREME RULES.

Yes the all caps was necessary because that point needs to be drilled into everyone's head.

The Miz, John Morrison and John Cena all remained on Raw, while Alberto Del Rio went to Raw from Smackdown.

Christian is the only competitor still left on SD, meaning that he has to win. WWE will not pull a Cena-Batista circa 2005 and have both titles on one show. Smackdown can't afford it.

So rejoice Christian fans. Your boy will win the title. Mark my words.

As for the WWE Championship match, I guess you have to tune into Extreme Rules to figure that one out. (It could be mark-out-mania if Morrison and Christian both win, which I predict will cause the Internet to spontaneously combust).


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