NFL Draft 2011: Arizona Cardinals Solve Quarterback Disaster Through Draft?

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NFL Draft 2011: Arizona Cardinals Solve Quarterback Disaster Through Draft?
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That's a good question. 

Now that the lockout is over (thank goodness), what are the Arizona Cardinals going to do about their quarterback, or lack thereof?

Now, granted, the lockout may not stay lifted, and I imagine the Cardinals will probably act somewhat fast to deal with their situation. 

Here are the steps I imagine they will take: 

1. Inquire about Kevin Kolb...again. 

You know they already have. Well they and practically every other team that needs a QB. 

But still, the Cardinals will inquire about how much it's going to cost to get the Eagles backup. 

My guess? It's going to be too rich. So, on to the second step. 

2. Inquire about Carson Palmer. 

That's heard me. 

They may not be interested (and who could blame them?), but they'll at least ask. If they can get Palmer cheap, he may be their next Kurt Warner...a washed up quarterback in need of a new home. 

But again, I doubt this will happen (not to mention the fact that the Bengals have said they aren't giving him up...). 

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3. Get Marc Bulger. 

It's no secret that Arizona likes Bulger. 

And yes, for those of you who doubt, it does make sense. 

Bulger is very similar to another guy named Kurt Warner. No, he doesn't have the quick release, but he's had success in this league in a passing offense similar to the one Arizona likes to run. 

He can come in for a season or two and give John Skelton a chance to learn the offense. 

And he can be bought cheap. What's not to like? Still, if they get Bulger or not, it wouldn't surprise me if...

4. Draft a QB later in the draft. 

I mean, it'd be nice to get Andy Dalton in, say, Round 3. But it ain't happening. 

They could go for him in Round 2 if none of the previous three options works out, however. 

I highly doubt they'll go for a quarterback in Round 1. 

Why? Well, they've already basically said they won't. 

Whisenhunt has said there's no Sam Bradford in this draft for Pete's sake. 

But it wouldn't surprise me if they get one in Round 2, 3 or 4. 

Not sure who exactly that would be though...

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