Tony Gonzalez Would Be a Great Fit for the Buffalo Bills

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

It is being reported by multiple sources that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez is being shopped around in the NFL trade market.  The Chiefs are talking to multiple teams about their star tight end, although no one team has been mentioned yet.


My question is why don’t the Buffalo Bills try to take a run at him?  So here's a list of my reasons why they should:


1. They Have the Cap Room


Gonzalez would come over with a pretty nice contract (in the Bills' eyes).  He signed a five year, $35 million deal back in 2006, but only $17.75 million of that is guaranteed.  The rest of Gonzalez’s contract calls for him to make $1 million in 2008, $4 million in 2009, $4.5 million in 2010, and $5.75 million in 2011. 


Now the number isn’t exact, but the Bills have about $20 million in cap space that they can still work with.  The Bills have plenty of room to add Gonzalez’s contract. 



2.  The Bills Need a Good Tight End


Sorry Robert Royal, but you just aren’t getting the job done.  You are a very mediocre tight end that really shouldn’t be starting in the NFL.  You are a good run blocker but are not really a threat in the passing game, which is a shame for your QB. 


Trent Edwards loves throwing to the guys underneath, like his running backs and tight ends, but he doesn’t really have a tight end to throw to.  The 6'5" 251 pound Gonzalez would give Edwards a huge target to throw to and another red zone target.


Let’s be honest; the Bills need another target on offense.  Marshawn Lynch is in a little bit of a slump and Lee Evans is still drawing double teams with the Bills' lack of a true No. 2 wide receiver (Josh Reed is more of a slot guy, rookie James Hardy still is learning the game, and Roscoe Parrish is out for the next few weeks due to a thumb injury).       



3. The Bills Have Been Looking for a Good Tight End


Not sure if any of you guys out their remember it or not, but the Bills were taking a hard look at now Tennessee Titans' TE Alge Crumpler during the offseason, but were unable to sign him.  They then went after guys like Courtney Anderson and Tim Massaquoi and even drafted Derek Fine in the NFL Draft this year (Anderson and Massaquoi were cut, and Fine has not been activated yet because of a thumb injury).  


They know they need a tight end and hopefully they are still looking for one right now.



4.  Sure Gonzalez is Getting Older, But He Is Still an Elite Tight End


Sure people take a look at his numbers this year (21 receptions for 193 yards and two TDs) and say the 32-year-old is done, but that is mostly because he is on such a bad team and hasn’t had one QB throwing to him this season.  The Chiefs are just throwing random QBs in there each week and Tony’s numbers are really hurting because of it. 


Remember, this is a guy coming off a great 2007 campaign when he caught 99 passes for 1,172 yards and five touchdowns. 


He is just off to a slow start and has plenty left in the tank to be elite in the next few years.



5. The Bills Could Use a Veteran


The Bills are a young team just learning how to win games in this league.  Why not bring in a 12-year vet that has been there before?  The Bills' oldest player on the offense is 30 year old Robert Royal, who has never been on a playoff team.  


The Bills could really use a smart veteran like Gonzalez that would not only open up the offense more, but also provide some leadership to the young guys in the locker room.



6.  He Is a High Character Guy


The Bills love their players to be character guys, who are not only good at football but also stay out of trouble.  Gonzalez is very active in charitable organizations like the Tony Gonzalez Foundation, the United Way, and the Boys and Girls club, just to name a few. 


Not only is he a great player, but a great person too. This is a guy that the Bills' organization would love to have.



7.  All of This Could Be Yours for a Draft Pick


It is being reported that all the Chiefs are looking for is a decent draft pick (or picks) in exchange for their star TE.  Earlier in the offseason, Saints TE Jeremy Shockey was traded for a second round and a fifth round pick, something the Bills could easily muster up (also keep in mind that Shockey is four years younger at the age of 28).


The Bills already have their young, core players on the squad.  This season they can afford to give up a couple picks to better themselves for the next few years with a star TE in their offense.  




Gonzalez is still an elite tight end who currently holds the NFL tight end record for receptions, touchdown catches, and yards receiving.  He has also gone to nine pro bowls in his career and could still make the trip for a few more.  I would love to see the Bills go after him in an attempt to make a run for the playoffs, something the team hasn’t done for over a decade.  



Don’t agree at all?  Think I am nuts?  Want the Bills to try to get this guy today?  Please write your reactions in the comment box below or send over an email to  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.