WWE Draft 2011: Play-by-Play Live Coverage and Analysis

Benjamin BenyaCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2011

Welcome, everyone, to the official live coverage article and thread on tonight's WWE draft. With 2011 progressing and just a third complete, the WWE is shaking things up once again with their yearly draft on Monday Night RAW.

For those unfamiliar with the process, allow me to fill you in that the WWE draft is not actually a draft at all. In years past, the draft has most often been processed as a series of matches between brands in which the winning brand receives a number of random "picks" to swap superstars to their organization. This hectic, fast-paced style of drafting leaves many surprises to be uncovered as the night goes on.

But unlike the last few drafts, the WWE will be presenting tonight's antics in only two hours as opposed to a typical three-hour show. Typically, being able to space out the draft in such a fashion allowed WWE to really milk the product and create some intrigue.

Tonight's show might just be pure chaos from the look of things.

Since 2007, WWE has followed this draft format for all of its draft programs. Though the original draft idea included a random drawing and even a bidding war, this sporadic design has created some big moments—and big disappointments. Be ready for anything and everything tonight as WWE goes home for Extreme Rules in Tampa, Fla. as well.

We expect a supplemental draft to take place as well considering it has each year after RAW. And, if anything, we also expect a Battle Royal to take place tonight for multiple picks as it has every year.

For my money, the biggest targets tonight are Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio possibly swapping brands. I'd be disappointed if The Miz moved, but I could see the biggest belts switching places to further the progress of the current champions.

More updates coming soon, along with a rundown of tonight's episode of WWE Tough Enough!