Cleveland Indians: What the Tribe Should Do on Their Day Off

Charlie WarzelContributor IApril 25, 2011

Everybody just stay calm...please?
Everybody just stay calm...please?Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Oh, it happening? Please say it's not happening. The Indians have dropped three in a row and things feel totally different today than they felt on Thursday morning.

A late-inning loss to the Royals, a drubbing by the Twins and a possible appearance on the DL for Carrasco. What a difference a weekend makes...sigh.

This weekend, there was no doubt that the Indians looked like they were returning to 2010 form, but I think we all need to take a step back and calm down a little. More importantly, though, the team needs to keep some perspective. And there is no better time for that than an off day at home.

Focus on Tuesday

The best way for the Tribe to stop thinking about the weekend is for them to focus on the future, namely Tuesday's game against the Royals. Tomorrow the Indians will face Luke Hochevar (2-2, 5.12 ERA) for the second time in one week. Hochevar proved very beatable last week and the Indians need to focus on ways to make life miserable for the Royals' pitcher.

Don't Worry About Carrasco

There's probably a lot of talk in the clubhouse about Carrasco's elbow, especially with Mitch Talbot on the DL. The important thing for the Tribe is to put this out of their heads until a conclusive diagnosis is given. As of now, the news is neither good nor bad—it doesn't help the team one bit to worry about the future of their rotation. Leave that to the coaching staff and front office.

Remember, You're Coming Home

The Indians have played very well at home so far this season (7-2). The weather should be in the 60s tomorrow by first pitch and hopefully they'll draw a crowd at Progressive Field.

(Not So) Great Expectations

On this, their day off, the Indians need to remember the expectations placed in front of them for this season. As of April 1, nobody gave this team a chance (most still aren't). What does this mean? It means the Indians have nothing to lose. Drop three in a what? They should be relishing their hot streak and going out there relaxed looking to keep the fun going. The worst thing this club can do right now is tense up and worry about messing up their torrid run through the first two and a half weeks of the season.